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    Default [3.PF]Sorcerer Spell List Help

    I'm making a 16th level Sorcerer for a game this weekend, but I'm having issues with the spell selection since I don't really play Arcane Casters...they usually make me feel like ick, but I'm breaking a trend to expand my knowledge. I decided on the Starsoul Bloodline, which at 16th level gives me...

    unseen servant, glitterdust , blink, call lightning storm (dealing fire damage, damage increased outdoors at night), overland flight, repulsion, reverse gravity

    with those in mind, I looked at a LOT of "staples"

    For those interested, here's a look at the actual sheet

    Starsoul Sorcerer

    Is there something I'm missing or something that I should REALLY look at taking or replace?

    ...I feel like I'm rushing this a bit and once I have it, I'm stuck with it, so I want something solid that I'm not going to regret...

    I also already know that the question is going to be asked, I'm allowed access to ANY WotC or Paizo source, although Dragon Mags tend to be frowned upon.
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    Default Re: [3.PF]Sorcerer Spell List Help

    I'm playing an Arcane Bloodline myself in my game. There are a lot of good choices for spells I'm overwhelmed. To make my selection easier I decided to choose my spells based on a theme, in this case colors. In the early levels this means mostly illusions such as Color Spray, Silent Image, and Hypnotic Patterns, but Ray of Enfeeblement works for black. As the levels progress, I will soon have Rainbow Blast from Spell Compendium, Lesser Globe Of Invulnerability I'll flavor-text as white, Disintegrate is green, and there's Prismatic Spray. Teleport will be "traveling the rainbow".

    Try to pick a theme for your spells; tie it into your bloodline if you can. The theme will help you pick your spells. It's ok if you deviate here and there if there's a spell you really, really want and can't think of how it fits your theme.

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