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    Default 4e Halfling Knight

    Question about the Feat Lost in the Crowd and other AC granting feats

    1. Is the +2 AC a +Feat Bonus? Untyped? Racial?
    -Does it stack with other feats such as Shield Specialization?

    2. Are there other AC-granting feats at the Heroic tier that can be stacked with Lost in the Crowd effectively?


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    Default Re: 4e Halfling Knight

    Lost in the Crowd is an untyped bonus to AC. You can stack as many untyped bonuses to AC as you want, so long as they don't come from the same source (i.e. feat, class feature, power).

    If you have any Fighter powers that require a shield, you can grab Shield Defense (Martial Power). Most AC feats at Heroic are for specific classes (particularly the Swordmage and Avenger, as they have AC-boosting class features) or for certain weapons (primarily the Staff and polearms).

    Also, you're a Knight. You've got Plate and Heavy Shield proficiency at level 1. You don't need to focus on AC. Boost your NADs and grab other effects with your feats, instead.
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