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Thread: theme music

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    Default theme music

    Any good theme music threads to which folks could refer me? I was putting together a playlist for a campaign we're starting next week.
    Music can be serious or silly.

    The campaign mostly takes place in a large port city, so I'm looking for music appropriate for abandoned warehouses, sewers, taverns, brothels, the seaport, busy open air markets etc. PC's will also spend some time adventuring in a forest outside the city that is full of demons, and a base of operations for some cults. Technology is renaissance-ish. Setting is a distopian urban environment, in a land that is governed by a group from Mechanus which peacefully took control after defending the country from an invasion of demons. Modrons abound.

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    Default Re: theme music

    Sea-related setting might work well with music from Heroes of Might and Magic IV - really good soundtrack (barring chorus parts unfortunately). It might be too lighthearted for a dystopian enviroment though.
    This does have the advantage of lulling your players into a false sense of security. Then you can for example break the mood with something from The Witcher.

    Depending on the city itself, some works of Loreena McKennitt might be appropriate. It could be a nice tie-in to some pieces suitable for forest (or otherwise wild) terrain such as: 1, 2, 3.

    That's my first idea at least.
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    Default Re: theme music

    Thanks Radar, these are great starting points to browse through.

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