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    The Twisted


    The twisted are Paragons of good whose souls have been touched by a great evil. A sliver of power has corrupted their beings and suffused them with dark energy, turning them into fiends and horrors.

    Creating A Twisted Creature
    “Twisted” is an applied template that can be added to an creature that is good. A Twisted creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Size and Type
    The creature’s type does not change, it gains the [Evil] subtype.

    Special Qualities
    A Twisted creature has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.

    Decrease from the base creature as follows: Int -2 or Wis -2 or Cha -2

    The evil taint that twisted the mind of the afflicted has an adverse effect on the mind of the creature.

    The power granted by the Twisted creatures Corrupter grants it an extra Vile Feat.

    A Twisted creature gains new abilities based on it's HD. All abilities are used at the minimum caster level.

    {table=head] Hit Dice | Ability Granted
    1-2| Cause Fear 3/Day |
    2-3 | Darkness 2/Day |
    3-4 | Vampiric Touch 2/Day |
    5-6 | Poison 1/Day |
    7-8 | Bestow Curse 1/Day |
    9-10 | Eyebite 1/Day |
    11-12 | Blasphemy 1/Day |
    13-14 | Symbol of Fear 1/Day |
    15-16 | Unhallow 3/Day |
    17-18 | Finger of Death 1/Day |
    19-20 | Unholy Aura 1/Day | [/table]

    Level Adjustment
    Same as base creature +2
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