or is it "Zombie, Run!"?...I dunno...seems like it should be the latter...anyways...

I'm taking my first step into DMing...sadly I just couldn't come up with my D&D concept as quickly as I did with Savage Worlds. Zombie Run is what it sounds like, it's a Zombie Apocalypse survival game run in the Savage Worlds system.

What I'm looking for is a little bit of advice as to some extra encounters I could throw at my group. The module is sort of a guideline, the setting is actually in our home town, so I've gone as far as getting a town map for roads and such and at least for the start of the game, they have to survive as long as they can here. The place we're from is pretty average of size and located between two major cities. It's big enough that there's lots of places to scavenge but the problems with vehicles you would normally have in a major city isn't likely. They'll actually be able to leave when they want, but it'll be pretty encouraged that they hold put as long as they can.

But I'm basically looking for stuff for BEFORE and AFTER they leave town. Be as general or specific as you want...I'm just looking for ideas of what you'd expect to encounter in a zombie apocalypse.