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    Default [4E PP] Child of the Abyss

    I was going through some of my older documents, and found this Paragon Path I had made for the Warlock, and conversion of my 3.5 Child of the Abyss PrC. I'm not sure if it is still balanced or particularly relevant, but since it was complete I figured I should at least post it! What do you think?

    Child of the Abyss

    "I made my pact for power. And there is no power that can compare to the infinite darkness of the Abyss."
    - Pharvol, a drow Child of the Abyss

    Prerequisite: Warlock, Eldritch Strike power

    Children of the Abyss are a dangerous, and deadly, lot to deal with. These individuals were born with unearthly powers, a dark gift from a demon hiding somewhere among their family tree. But not just creatures of arcane might, Children of the Abyss relish the excitement and thrill of combat, and thus throw themselves into the study of martial prowess. They use their in-born talents to give them the edge, dealing out horrible wounds with their blows. As they progress the become more in-touch with their inner demon, becoming more depraved and dangerous, as well as taking on demonic qualities. Eventually they have been exposed to such horrific destruction and vileness that even corruption barely touches them.

    Even the best of them, initially upstanding and righteous members of society become shadier and more amoral as they embrace their inner darkness. The power offered by the Abyss is overflowing and infinite, and simply too much for any creature, mortal or otherwise, to use and not be corrupted by it's influence.

    Child of the Abyss Path Features

    Abyssal Implement (11th): Choose a one-handed weapon you are proficient with. You may use that weapon as an implement for all your arcane powers. If you use a weapon as an implement you do not use the weapon's proficiency bonus.
    Hideous Blow (11th level): When you hit a target under your Warlock's Curse with an arcane attack power and you are within melee range the target takes an additional 1 [W] damage.
    Scars of the Soul (11th level): When you spend an action point to attack any creature that takes your Warlock's Curse damage this turn cannot regain hit points or gain temporary hit point until the end of the encounter.
    Demonic Presence (16th level): When you make an arcane attack with a warlock power you can use Charisma instead of the ability the attack normally uses for the attack roll and damage roll.

    Child of the Abyss Spells

    Vile Blast
    Child of the Abyss Attack 11
    You blast your enemy with unclean power pulled from the blackness of the Abyss.
    Encounter | Arcane, Weapon
    Standard Action | Close blast 3
    Target: Creatures in blast
    Attack: Charisma vs Fortitude
    Hit: 2[W] + Charisma modifier damage, and the target is blind, deaf, and weakened (save ends all).
    Aftereffect: Creatures have concealment against the target (save ends).

    Demonic Heritage
    Child of the Abyss Utility 12
    You take on the chaotic nature of the Abyss' denizens, gaining their shifting defenses.
    Daily | Arcane
    Free action| Personal
    Trigger: You are hit by an attack with the acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder keywords.
    Effect: You gain resist 10 to acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder until the end of the encounter.

    Unending Depths
    Child of the Abyss Attack 20
    With a devestating blow you send your enemy to the Abyss, driving it temporarily mad.
    Daily | Arcane, Weapon
    Standard Action | Melee weapon
    Target: One creature
    Attack: Charisma vs Reflex
    Hit: 4[W] + Charisma modifier damage, and the target is teleported to a random plane of the Abyss until the end of your next turn. The target returns in the square it was originally occupying, or the nearest unoccupied space if the original is occupied, and will randomly attack the nearest creature (save ends).
    Miss: Half damage, and the target attacks the closest available target on it's next turn.

    • Added a note to Abyssal Implement that you don't gain the weapon's proficiency bonus when using it as an implement.
    • Changed Abyssal Implement so you can only choose a one-handed melee weapon.
    • Changed Demonic Presence so it only applies to Warlock powers.
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    Default Re: [4th PP]Child of the Abyss

    It's standard to mention that weapons you use as implements do not give Proficiency bonus to implement powers. It's part of the rules, but they do repeat with every single ability.

    Demonic Presence is probably too strong. Bard has to invest quite a few feats to get something close to that effect.

    Right now I see absolutely no reason not to take the biggest weapon you can get, for large damage boosts. Also, doesn't make sense with bows. Perhaps specify it must be a one-handed melee weapon?

    Vile Blast is a bit too good, drop Save ends.

    Demonic Heritage is fine

    Unending Depths is fine.

    Overall looks good otherwise.

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    Default Re: [4th PP]Child of the Abyss

    • *nod* I'll add that in.
    • Any suggestions then? Perhaps make it only affect Warlock powers?
    • One-handed melee sounds good to me.
    • I'm assuming you mean drop the Aftereffect? I'm thinking that Vile Blast may be better doing something like 2d6 damage instead of 2W. Though in that case I remove the only reason to have it as a blast instead of a ranged attack. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the input!

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