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    tongue Brutal Waylayer: Need to your help with an ambush-y and "bleeder" PrC

    I wish to make a PrC for rogues or their psychic rogue variant, but I'm a bit stuck. My idea was to give out ambush or ambush-like feats (like hamstring or staggering strike) at regular intervals, but on closer reveiw many of them kind of suck because they allow a save, don't stack, or have limited use.

    A full list of feats that are sneak attack related is found here.

    General Idea: A killer that uses his understanding of anatomy, steady hand and deadly precision to cripple and eventually kill his targets. He makes heavy use of certain feats the need sneak attack to work, and can combine them to make the even more devastating. His debuffs are easily cured with a heal check or cure spell, but dealy if ignored. He forces his targets into a catch-22; let my friend bleed out in 3 turns or waste 2 standard actions (or a cure serious wounds) with a heal check?

    Some universal improvements would be something like "All feats or class abilities that require you to forego sneak attack damage is lessened by 1d6" since it is a common theme in all ambush like feats, but saying subsequent attacks stack could be an decent improvement for some, and plain overboard for others.

    Some ideas I have already:

    It a guy that is as precise as a surgeon on the battle field so that he can make them bleed like crazy. I think for preq: deadly precision and arterial strike is fitting. I want this to be a standard ECL=6 PrC so I'll give it +3d6 sneak attack to make this best for standard rogues.

    Anti coagulation blade: The weapon is coated with some anti clotting herb/medicine (like herperin or coumadin) resulting bleeding attacks inflicted by the waylayer to be harder to stop (+ to DC determined by how many bleeding wounds are there) and stack with each other. I want to progress it so that the bleeding wounds require more than one consecutive heal check (wasting actions). I don't have my books in front of me, but I'm pretty sure arterial strike doesn't stack.

    Full advancement of sneak attack. Good reflex, 3/4 BAB, 4+INT skill ranks/level, will have heal as class skill

    A feature that lets reduces cost of said feats. Maybe for every 2 feats that have a "forgo x sneak attack damage" cost is reduced by 1d6 for each application of all feats, to a min of 1d6 (can't have infinite bleeding wounds now can we?).

    Dealier precision: allow you to re-roll for deadly precision until you get a roll higher than 1. Later you can re-roll until you get a roll higher than 2. Since deadly precision is kind of weak and this guy is supposed to be brutal.

    Select list of feats rather than "if it costs sneak d6s". Staggering strike, Hamstring, Thoart punch, Disemboweling Strike, Maiming Strike, Concussion Attack, Impeding Attack. Assuming I give one feat every other level, I can't pick them all. This might not be a problem per say but I want to combine them......

    Carotid strike: I really want to combine throat punch with arterial strike to go for the carotids and make that poor victim spourt their life blood all over the place. Not only do they suffer the usual effects of hindered speech and bleeding, but they will just plain esanginate (bleed out) in 3 rounds is no heal check or cure serious wounds is made. The kicker is that each round the DC will increase. Don't know at what rate....

    I want to use disemboweling strike more than once on an oppenent or at the very least have it deal more CON damage. I also want to combine it with another feat to..... do something I can't think of anything atm, but somthing that involves you tripping on your exposed guts.

    Combine Concussion Attack and Staggering strike deal INT and WIS damage.

    Combine maiming strike with hamstring to reduce movement to only a 5fs. Maybe involve an amputation or something.

    Combine arterial strike with impeding strike to inflict double the wounding.

    So I have a lot of ideas here but I'm not sure I can fit them all in a 10 lvl PrC...

    Please help me make this killer!
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