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    Default Brainstorming for a shield-using base class

    So I've an idea in my head to build a martial base class for sword/spear-and-board fighters.

    Basically, I'm brainstorming/taking requests: what are the features that you really wished you could have when using a shield? I'm shooting for a distinct improvement; I'm not trying to balance this against the core fighter or anything like that.

    Current Plans:
    Martial- access to Iron Tortoise and Army of One disciplines
    Shield bash improvements -bucklers and tower shields, oh my!
    Much more shield AC
    Shield to Touch AC
    Class features to simulate phalanx fighting (rather than feats, because who wants to spend a feat on such things?)
    Shields granting bonuses to saves
    If TWF with a shield, you may sacrifice an attack on your next turn to block an attack with an opposed roll. At higher levels you gain "momentum" for blocking attacks.
    Shield + weapon attack as standard acton
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    Default Re: Brainstorming for a shield-using base class

    A few ideas:
    Smack down: Attack with shield to knock target prone.
    Bonuses to bull rushes with shields.
    Lessened ACP for shields
    Cover other: Defensive action providing cover based on the shield type to you and those in the square directly behind you.
    Dual wield shields: you can wear a buckler on your main hand along with a light weapon and any other type of shield with your off hand. Gain both AC's. DWP apply.
    Stuck weapons: slashing and piercing weapons can get stuck in wooden shields with a special sunder attack in response to an attack.
    Shield surfing: really specific I know but it be cool when used. Probably not in actual water though.
    Shield Drop: Jump onto foes with your shield(s) at his feet. Could knock prone and deal falling damage and prevent your own. Of course a balance check would be needed.
    Skull bash: Take shield in both hands, (or still equipped if a buckler) to a the head. reduced armor bonus (its only the helmet), penatlies (for a specific target). can produce effects like staggered or stunned.
    Razored shield: not a class ability but a new kind of shields with sharp edges. I think its been made but I'm not sure. Allows slashing damage or piercing for the corners. And of course a really deadly frizbee with bucklers. Give it vorpal and you have a shield that can decapitate your foes.
    Shield knotches: again not a class feature but soemthing to give to sheilds. It can allow you to catch a slashing weapons blade in notches in the shield allowing a disarm attempt. You'd get bonuses like a locked gauntlet because most shields are afixed like that.
    Quicker shield equiping/dequiping
    Thats about all I can think of.

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    Default Re: Brainstorming for a shield-using base class

    My ideas:
    Throwing a Shield: Like Captain America, pretty stupid but it would be awesome!

    Spiked shields : does extra damage on shield bash and allows for poisoning

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    Default Re: Brainstorming for a shield-using base class

    Mettle and Evasion would be good additions: Evasion would simulate raising your shield in the nick of time to block a damaging effect. Mettle is just there because you are a super-tough shield dude.

    Maybe a way to reflect projectiles (including ray attacks): an opposed attack roll that you give up an AAO for the round to use.

    A good will save, or a significant bonus to your saves via some sort of shield thingy.

    A limited pounce ability?: when making a charge attack you can make an attack with your weapon and an attack with your shield at -5.

    Hope these help!

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