I was thinking about starting a fudge system based on early adventures in the New World. I am thinking about starting with the carribean to start, and then maybe making one for the wild west. It is rather complicated however.

Ship stats:

  • Speed/rigging: Superb or better moves a ship 3 squares, fair to superb moves a ship 2 squares, mediocre to terrible moves a ship 1 square, and below terrible is insufficient rigging (does not move)
    Every range is 2 squares. Ranges are out of range, long range, medium range, and short range. -1 to long range, +1 to short range on guns.

  • Manueverability: Checks needed for successful boarding, broadsides, and evasion.
  • Guns: Check VS hull (or maneuverability upon evasive manuevers) for whether or not damage
  • Hull: Protection and vitality (below terrible=sunk)
  • Crew: Initiative, multimove checks.

Character stats:
  • Strength: may be used to determine damage in swashbuckling. Also determines speed and weight that cargo can be transported by an individual.
  • Dexterity: Determines outcome of melee combat.
  • Concentration: Determines aim, memory, charisma, and check VS bad morale.
  • Endurance: Determines stamina and survival VS weapons
  • Perception: Determines whether a character notices/sees anything important.

Sides would be:

British Navy: Best ships
French Navy: Best ???
Spanish Navy: Most currency
Portuguese Navy: ???
Independant: Most freedom, currency and ships randomly determined (Includes privateers, pirates, possibly patriots)

Attributes include number of ports, ships, freedom, currency, facilities quality at ports, anything else?

Players would begin at a port (I haven't even begun to develop a map yet, but that part will have to be posted on the world making sub-forum, so don't approach this issue yet) on their side of their choosing. There, navy members will get their orders. Independant sailors can make their own decisions. I need serious help setting up the economy of the game, including starting money, how much everything would cost, etc. Upgrades, items, etc would be based on performance. If they impress their superiors, they get more. THey always get enough (unless they are fired). I still have a long way to go in developing this.

Items that independants would be expected to pay for:

ammunition (gunpowder and shot are counted together)
special shot, if desired
Rum, if desired
repairs/upgrades to ships
...maybe more

Port facilities:

Shore battery/defense
...anything else?