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    Default "The Barrier World" Suggestion Thread



    Right, the TL;DR of the world is a combination of these:

    Emerging technology built on the foundation of a lost age, the new civilization living amongst the ruins, having made them their own, with adventurers delving into the places that were once seen as "taboo" or "dangerous" to discover what the previous age held and possibly clues (for the shorter lived races) of what exactly happened to cause the world to be the way it is.

    Prevalent guns (Early guns = Martial weapons)
    No "real" Gods (Effectively killed off during the apocalypse)
    After-The-Apocalypse feel (1000 years after when civilization is getting back on its feet)
    High magic, low fantasy (Druid cities, quasi-deities, and magocracies, but low on creatures outside the mundane. So no dragons for example. "Unusual" creatures added on a location by location basis)
    Switched up races (Orcs are shamanistic, Drow are neutral mad scientists and (Lesser) Centaur and Harpies are playable)
    What I'm looking for:

    • Where are the glaring holes in this world as it's currently written, and any suggestions on plugging said holes? (No suggestions are fine, helping me be aware of the problems is more than help enough)
    • What aspects need clarification? Basically what do I need to expand on?
    • Suggestions on making this setting work while maintaining the above quoted bits. Basically how can I make this work in the general way I want this to work?
    • Suggestions for the locations marked "WIP"?

    What I'm not looking for:

    • "You're better off with a different system." No, I'm sticking with D20 'cause I'm stubborn and I know the system.
    • Suggestions that drastically alter the premise of the world. The quoted bits there? They're stickin'.
    • Urgings or suggestions to not bother with a homebrew setting/scrap the idea. 1) I'm stubborn, 2) I've already put a bunch of work in, I ain't stoppin' now.

    Honestly I really need some fresh eyes to look at this to help me figure out how to make this stuff work. I've not had the chance to playtest a lot of it and the players in my gaming group don't really provide a good amount of constructive feedback.

    Please be aware that ideas will be flying in from people I know IRL, Skype, non-gaming websites and the Paizo boards, so I'll do my best to keep this and the Paizo thread updated on any changes that happen.


    The goal of this setting is not to make any sort of published work (Maybe when I get it all finished to the extent that I am comfortable with I'll see about doing a Kickstarter or something). This is for totally recreational purposes and will eventually (again, when I'm comfortable with it's levels of finish'ness) compile all the works into a Google Doc and possibly PDF and distribute to whoever wants a copy to run themselves.
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    "The Barrier World" Google Doc
    A post-post apocalyptic steampunk magitech Pathfinder setting.

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