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    Default Good gaming iPhone apps

    Playgrounders, I have just come into possession of an iPhone 3 and am wondering what good gaming apps r on the market. I am my groups primary gm and game primarily with gurps, afmbe, and d&d3.5. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Good gaming iPhone apps

    So they're not gaming specific, but the two apps I've gotten the most gaming use out of are Dropbox and Goodreader.

    Dropbox lets you sync files between several computers. I keep my campaign notes, character sheets, and books here. Now I can look up anything without leaving the table and I don't have to carry several backpacks full of books.

    Goodreader is a PDF reader. The built in one is kinda slow, especially on an iPhone 3. Not only is Goodreader faster, it lets you jump pages. You can even view the PDF as just text with no images, which is faster still. Oh and the best part is that Dropbox PDFs can be sent straight to Goodreader, so you don't have to worry about transferring them to your phone.
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    Default Re: Good gaming iPhone apps

    Agree. 100%.
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    Default Re: Good gaming iPhone apps

    Dicenomicon is pretty awesome as well, totally worth the $4 or $5 I paid for it (the iPad version).
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