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    Default Show me your great sneak attacking arcane caster prcs!

    I'm looking for a prc along the lines of arcane trickster or unseen seer. One that has sneak attack progression as a rogue, (every other level) and arcane casting progression (doesn't have to be full.)

    He seems to care more about the sneak attack and skills more than spells, and is mostly using spells out of combat.

    Anything that fulfills the above I'd like to know about! If you want more information, read below.

    The two players are my significant other, and his best friend. We're doing this campaign on the side of one they are both already in, on days when the rest of the party can't play. They are in a distant part of the campaign setting that the main campaign is in, but the plot isn't going to tie in very much. Actually, most of the plot will probably just revolve around the antics of the malconvoker trying to bind everything he can.

    CN lvl 10 Illumian conjurer/master specialist // archivist/malconvoker
    He batted his eyes at me and I let him prestige class on both sides.

    NE lvl 10 Human warblade 10 // rogue 5/abrupt jaunt conjurer 1/unseen seer 4
    He's not going to take more levels of unseen seer, because he wants better sneak attack progression, and doesn't actually care about spells that much. I thought I'd look up a good homebrewed prc for him to continue with, since I let the malconvoker double up on prcs.
    He's doing TWF, tiger claw and diamond mind, Combat Expertise and Improved Trip, possibly Knowledge Devotion. I think he may have decided on a flail and something else for the off hand.
    Skills include lots of movement skills, concentration, disable device and open lock, knowledge geography (they're in a desert,) one rank in other knowledges, sense motive. I think he also took appraise?

    Edit: I'm still happy to hear if anyone knows of any good homebrew on this, but after not finding anything I was particularly fond of I drew up this.
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