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    Default Traveller: Pointers for Running a Naval game (T5)

    Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I'm thinking of setting a naval game in the spinward marches for an in person group. I was going to give the players a cruiser intended for independent action and set them loose with orders to patrol X and Y systems in the Spinward Marches and keep the peace.

    I was thinking of starting them off with police actions against some inordinately well equipped pirates (I've written them up as bankrolled by the the Zhodani as part of a false flag operation to soften the border in preparation for war), run some humanitarian aid and maybe a couple of interventions at the behest of planetary governors, and then maybe have them fighting in the fifth frontier war. The thing is... I want to have a lot of ship to ship combat, but I want it more detailed and personal then the rules from high guard seem intended to run.

    Anyone have any advice for that? Any really interesting adventure starters I may be overlooking?
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    Default Re: Traveller: Pointers for Running a Naval game (T5)

    I'm a huge fan of Traveller and I just discovered this thread. Might I ask how your game is going?
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