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    Default Adeptus Evangelion? Anyone played?

    Okay, so, has anyone here actually played Adeptus Evangelion, the modification for DH based on Neon Genesis Evangelion? I've found enough of the rules online to play, but I'm missing the GMing section... (not that that is in any way connected to the topic)

    In any case, I was hoping I could see what everyone else here thinks about the system.
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    Default Re: Adeptus Evangelion? Anyone played?

    I haven't ever played it, but it looks pretty solid. The Dark Heresy rules it's built around are good, in any case.

    Also, here is the core book, and here is Redacted, the DM supplement (the game is free, so no illegal shenanigans here).

    Also, if you check out 1d4chan (most decidedly NSFW, mind you), the /tg/ wiki, they have a lot of AE game logs. There's also an IRC channel, which you can also find on 1d4chan.
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