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    Default ErrantX's Homebrew Feat Compendium II: This one's not closed!

    Arcane Edge [General]
    You've learned to compress your arcane power along the edge of your blade, making it temporarily sharper at the cost of it's durability.
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +5, capable of casting 2nd level arcane spells.
    Benefit: As a swift action, the character may sacrifice a prepared spell or spell slot and enlarges any slashing or piercing weapon's threat range by a number equal to the spell sacrificed for the round (i.e. a 4th level spell sacrificed would make a longsword’s critical threat range 15-20/x2). This is a perfection bonus and does not stack with the Improved Critical feat nor with the keen special weapon property. The character also receives a perfection bonus to damage equal to the level of the spell sacrificed. Whenever a weapon is used with Arcane Edge, it takes 1 point of damage that bypasses hardness.

    Arcane Sage [General]
    You practice an unusual martial art that mixes self-taught spellcasting and melee attacks to great effect.
    Prerequisites: Discipline Focus (any), ability to spontaneously cast 2nd-level arcane spells.
    Benefit: As a swift action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity, you can sacrifice one of your daily allotment of spells to add a bonus to your martial strike attack rolls and damage rolls for 1 round. The bonus is equal to the level of the spell sacrificed. The spell is lost as if you had cast it. If you would normally be allowed to add your Wisdom bonus to AC or to damage with martial strikes (such as for a light armor wearing swordsage), you instead add your Charisma bonus (if any) to these abilities.

    Ascetic Devotee [General]
    You have learned to blend the devotion of your faith with the ascetic discipline of the monk.
    Prerequisites: Monastic Training, flurry of blows class feature, ability to spontaneously cast cure light wounds, inflict light wounds, or summon nature's ally I as a divine spell.
    Benefit: Choose one divine spellcasting class you possess Monastic Training in. Your levels in monk may be combined with any one divine spellcasting to determine your AC bonus, flurry of blows attacks, and unarmed damage.

    Dark Communion [General]
    You have made a pact with a vestige for dark, netherwordly powers over death.
    Prerequisites: Cha 13+, ability to eldritch blast, soulbinding
    Benefit: You add your binder and warlock levels together to determine your caster level for invocations and to determine your effective binder level to determine what level vestiges you may bind and how many vestiges you may bind at one time. Additionally you gain a +4 profane bonus to attempts to bind a vestige of your choosing, and you may add your binder level to determine how strong your eldritch blast is.

    Death Pact [General]
    You have made a pact with a vestige for dark, netherwordly powers over death.
    Prerequisites: Int 13+, shroud of death, soulbinding
    Benefit: You add your binder and ebon initiate levels together to determine your caster level for invocations and to determine your effective binder level to determine what level vestiges you may bind. Additionally you gain a +4 profane bonus to attempts to bind a vestige of your choosing, and you may add your binder level to your ebon initiate level to determine the strength of your shroud of death class feature.

    Death Marshal Initiate [Society]
    You have been inducted into the Guild as a Death Marshal, granting you a great deal of training in the arts of necromancy to fight those who would abuse it.
    Prerequisites: Non-evil alignment, ability to cast arcane spells, Spell Focus (necromancy), Diplomacy 2 ranks, Intimidate 2 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks, Spellcraft 2 ranks
    Benefits: As a death marshal, the character gains the following benefits:
    The death marshal gains access to vast libraries of necromantic lore and captured knowledge taken from the very foes they hunt. The character gains one the following spells per level added to his known spells or to his spellbook: 1st- chill touch or ray of enfeeblement; 2nd- command undead or false life; 3rd- gentle repose or halt undead; 4th- bestow curse or enervation; 5th- magic jar or symbol of pain; 6th- circle of death or undeath to death.

    The character gains proficiency in a single martial weapon or firearm of his choosing.

    A number of times per day equal to 1 + the character’s Charisma modifier, he may sacrifice a prepared spell or spell slot to generate a burst of quasi-positive energy. His knowledge of necromantic magic allows him to generate this 30ft radius burst that inflicts 1d6 points of arcane energy damage per level of the spell sacrificed to all undead within its range, but as it’s not true positive energy it does not restore health to the death marshal or the living around him.

    The Order of the Death Marshalls grants simple lodgings to any member of their order within their barracks. The character must obey the orders of his superiors and refrain from using restricted necromancy (spells or effects that bear the [Evil] descriptor or spells that create undead creatures) or be expelled from the order.

    Devoted Hunter [General]
    You have found a balance between your hunting training and your devotion to religious training, blending these two aspects into one seamless whole.
    Prerequisite: Track, favored enemy, smite evil.
    Benefit: If you have levels in paladin and ranger, those levels stack for the purposes of determining the extra damage dealt by your smite evil ability and determining the benefits you receive for your favored enemy class feature. This ability counts towards number of smite attempts you have as well.
    In addition, you can multiclass freely between the paladin and ranger classes. You must still remain lawful good in order to retain your paladin abilities and take paladin levels. You still face the normal XP penalties for having multiple classes more than one level apart.

    Devoted Mage [General]
    You’ve learned to combine your natural arcane talent with the devotion and grace of a paladin.
    Prerequisites: Ability to spontaneously cast 1st level arcane magic, lay on hands.
    Benefit: If you have both levels in paladin and sorcerer, you combine these to determine your smite evil damage and your sorcerer caster level.
    In addition, when using your lay on hands ability, you may sacrifice a spell slot to increase your paladin level by a number equal to the level of the spell slot sacrificed (i.e. a 4th level paladin/10th level sorcerer sacrifices a 5th level spell slot when laying on hands and may heal as if he were a 9th level paladin). When using this ability in this fashion, the character must use all of his lay on hands healing at once.

    Diamond Mindblade [Psionic]
    Through dedicated practice, you have discovered how to use the power of your mind blade while executing a martial strike.
    Prerequisites: Ability to generate a mindblade, psychic strike +1d8, ability to initiate 2nd-level maneuvers of the Diamond Mind discipline.
    Benefit: While initiating a martial strike of the Diamond Mind discipline, you may also add your psychic strike ability on the same attack without expending its use.

    Improved Tashalorvok [Psionic]
    You have fully mastered the art of blending your mind blade with the Way of the Unseen.
    Prerequisites: Tashalorvok, base attack bonus +6
    Benefit: You gain the psychic strike progression of a soulknife equal to your soulknife + the psionic class you have chosen with the Tashalorvok feat.

    Inquisitor [Society]
    Your knowledge of the ways of the necromancy aids you in hunting them.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 13, Death Marshal Initiate
    Benefits: The character gains a +2 insight bonus to Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when speaking with persons or creatures of evil alignment. In addition, the character is familiar with all of the foci and material components of arcane and divine necromantic spells and spells with the [Evil] descriptor. This familiarity grants the character a +2 bonus to Spellcraft checks when attempting to identify a spell being cast or a spell already in place if it is spell from the school of Necromancy or with the [Evil] descriptor.

    Master Psithief [Psionic]
    You have learned to combine your training as a lurk with the abilities of another psionic medium.
    Prerequisites: Psionic sneak attack +1d6, lurk augment, manifester level 3rd.
    Benefit: Your lurk levels stack with levels of other manifesting classes (that is, levels of any class that grants manifesting other than the lurk) for the purpose of determining what level of augment you can use (but not uses per day). For example, a 4th-level lurk/4th-level egoist could use his lurk augment class feature as an 8th level lurk. Your lurk and manifester levels also stack when determining your manifester level for all psionic powers. The character described above would have a manifester level of 8th for both his lurk powers and his psion powers.

    Necromantic Endurance [Society]
    Your body and soul are accustomed to necromantic energies, and thus you’ve gain some resistance to it.
    Prerequisite: Con 13, Death Marshal Initiate
    Benefit: The character gains a +4 circumstance bonus to saving throws against spells or effects of the necromancy school.

    Tashalorvok [Psionic]
    Through discipline and meditation, you have learned to blend the Way of the Unseen with your ideal psychic weapon.
    Prerequisites: Ability to generate a mind blade, psychic strike +1d8, ability to manifest 2nd level powers.
    Benefit: You may add your levels in soulknife and one other psionic base class (such as psion or psychic warrior) to determine your mind blade's enhancement bonuses. For example, a 3rd level soulknife / 7th level psion would have the mind blade of a 10th level soulknife (throw mind blade, +2 mind blade, and +2 enhancement bonus) and the abilities therein. This feat only improves the character's mind blade with the selected base psionic class. If the character should gain levels in other classes or prestige classes, those levels do not stack with this feat to determine the strength of the character's mind blade.

    Wrath of the Black Heron [General]
    You've learned to channel the fury of your dark passenger while enraged.
    Prerequisites: ability to enter rage, ability to initiate any stance of the Black Heron discipline.
    Benefit: While in raging in a Black Heron stance, you may add your full barbarian level to your initiator level (instead of half) to determine the effectiveness of your Black Heron maneuvers. In addition, you add your full barbarian level to your initiator level to determine what level of Black Heron maneuver you qualify to learn when you gain new maneuvers.

    Zealous Mage [General]
    You practice a specialized form of magical combat that utilizes both zeal and wild arcane magic to their fullest.
    Prerequisites: Furious Counterstrike, ability to spontaneously cast 2nd-level arcane spells.
    Benefit: Instead of gaining your Furious Counterstrike bonus to attack and damage rolls, you may instead channel your Steely Resolve damage pool to give yourself a divine bonus to your caster level equal to your Furious Counterstrike bonus. Your Crusader levels stack with your Sorcerer or Bard levels (choose one) to determine your Steely Resolve class feature.

    More to come later. I will post them in the original post and at the bottom of the thread as I go. PEACH as you will.

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