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    Default Re: The Duelist-D&D3.5 Prestige Class[PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Sypher667 View Post
    I'm not sure if you intended to allow this, but currently, attacks of opportunity cannot be made while taking the total defense action.
    Good catch. Editing to make this a specific allowance. (Full defense already causes you to give up your main attacks for the round, and with the AC boost, the difference in AC between defensive fighting and full defense is much closer, so there's no real need for the extra penalty for full defense in this case)

    Edit: Updated Mongoose Reflexes to allow attacks of opportunity while in total defense with the same penalty as Fighting Defensively. Also allowed the duelist to use Combat Expertise if they have it in conjunction with total defense. Why? Because as written, by the time you can enter the class, if you have combat expertise, you get MORE AC fighting defensively than taking a total defense action. Total defense just seems to be one of those options that wasn't properly thought out when it was implemented, and this allows it to at least be marginally useful for the Duelist. Trading all your normal attacks for the round in exchange for +2 to AC above fighting defensively is already pretty rough without other penalties besides.

    If I were to rewrite the combat actions section I'd have it so that Fighting Defensively and Total defense are the same thing, but rather than a penalty to hit, you trade off your attacks to gain a bonus to AC and Saves. Say for every 1 attack you give up, you gain +2 to AC and all saving throws, you must always give up your highest attack bonus attacks first. But that's getting pretty off topic and is outside the scope of this class.

    Also updated fancy footwork's text to grant improved uncanny dodge if you already have uncanny dodge from another class.
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