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    Default [Exalted] Some homebrew artifacts

    Well, I've been accumulating various random artifacts on my hard drive for a while. Decided I might as well share some of them. They aren't exactly written up formally at the moment, more organized to make it convenient for me to tell what they do at a glance. I suspect quality also varies greatly.


    Armor of the Hunt (Artifact ●●●)
    The perfect hunter is everywhere and nowhere to their frightened prey, seeming to inhabit every shadow yet never being fully seen. The silver pack created these sets of armor to better embody this perfect hunter. The armor usually looks like ordinary clothing on the outside, with a complex pattern of moonsilver lines covering it's inner surface. When activated for a single mote, the wearer turns invisible for an instant, moving up to (athletics * 2) yards before they become visible again. This power can also be used to grant the user an attempt to reestablish surprise, though it provides no special bonus on the roll to do so. The armor fades out of existence whenever the lunar shifts into a form it cannot fit, and the moonsilver merges with the new form's skin to provide all of the same benefits the armor usually does.

    -merges with the lunar when they transform
    -allows the wearer to turn invisible for a brief moment, less than a second, allowing them to move up to (athletics*2) yards.
    -can be used to attempt reestablishing surprise in combat, though it grants no special modifiers.
    -soak is as artifact chain shirt

    Tiara of Command(Artifact ●●●)
    Created en mass by a Dragonblooded craftsman during the shogunate, these artifacts appear as nothing more than plain bands of gold, their only decoration a single hearthstone slot. The weakminded, however, see only what the craftsman wanted them to see in those who wore it. Power. All who look upon the wearer see the artifact as some trinket or symbol of power, and know that the wearer has authority over them.

    -1 hearthstone slot
    -all those with a DMDV less than your essence see you as wearing some symbol of power they respect. If they do not serve any particular power, they see you simply as wearing very regal clothing. This may be resisted for a scene for 1WP, though only essence users are capable of doing so. Mortals simply do not realize there is anything to resist, even subconsciously.
    -Anyone under the effects of the tiara is predisposed to obey you. They are under no compulsion to LIKE you, but they suffer -2 to MDVs against any commands you give them.


    Blade of Eternal Warriors(Artifact ●●●●●)
    Stats: as soulsteel diaklave

    Any slain by this weapon has their soul housed within it's steel instead of moving on. The wielder can speak to the soul housed within, and offer it a deal. Either to move on to Lethe instantly, or serve them. No mental influence may effect this decision, the option being completely their own choice. If they agree, the wielder may summon their ghost for 1 WP, granted tangible form for (essence) ticks, to attack their enemies with the stats they possessed in life. This is not without advantage to the ghost though, as the magic of the blade allows them to keep their minds within it, instead of being reduced to the pathetic creatures most ghosts must become.

    No more than (essence) ghosts may be held at once in the blade, nor may it contain a ghost of higher essence than the wielder.

    Paired artifact 3 guns, because most canon ones are boring:
    speed 4, accuracy +5, damage +5L, Rate 3(each), Range: 200, Min: dex 3, Attune 6, Cost ???
    -one hearthstone slot
    -can drain the hearthstone by a dot(stops functioning for a day per dot drained) to enhance an attack in one of three ways(or any combination if you drain the stone more):
    --make the attack unblockable(also removes cover bonuses to DV)
    --make the attack piercing
    --increase pre-soak damage by 5L

    Harvest of Death(Artifact ●●●●)
    This mighty scythe was once a simple farming implement, but through a long series of events it has become something much more. It began as the grave goods of a simple farmer but when that farmer was chosen by chance to be the subject of a deathknight's experiments, it began a journey toward becoming something much more. The scythe was first reforged into a simple grimscythe, the blade made from it's original owner's soul in some sick ironic joke of the abyssal's.
    Some time later, the abyssal who reforged the scythe took a liking to it, adding bits of decoration and enchantment to it with every life it cut down. Over the course of several years, these minor additions began to add up, the weapon becoming a skull and bone covered implement of terror.
    Even this was nothing truly special though, a nicely customized weapon, but not one of any great potency. It wasn't until the deathknight who wielded it died that it became something special. The deathknight overstepped his bounds, incurring the anger of a few too many ancient ghosts. They turned against him, and after a bloody battle(well, figuratively. Seeing as ghosts do not bleed) they wrested the scythe from his dead body. From there, it managed to work it's way into the hands of *insert-infernal-here* and was tainted by vitriol. Something about the memories attached to the weapon changed the process though. Fragments of lives, the imitation dreams of ghosts, and the betrayal of it's master somehow catalyzed the true transformative nature of the vitriol, and it emerged from the bath a sleek, solid black weapon, with a blade that could cleave souls as easily as bodies... if not easier.

    speed 5, acc +4, damage +8L, defense -1, rate 2, Str 3, attune 10, cost 4, tags P R 2

    -Can hit immaterial ghosts
    -The wielder may forgo damage to a ghost to instead damage one of it's fetters or passions, reducing it's rating by one per attack. Reducing a fetter to rating zero in this way causes it's representation to shatter, as the ghost is forced to release it's attachment to the fetter. If not completely shattered, a fetter/passion will return at a rate of 1 point per week.
    -when striking a living being, the target's wound penalty times 2 is rolled against their valor, success exerting UMI against the target to flee the wielder of the scythe at the first opportunity. This UMI costs a number of WP to resist equal to the number of successes on the roll.(a particularly terrifying injury or something can apply stunt die to this roll instead of the attack roll.)

    Unreal Blade(Artifact ●●●)
    Stats of a normal diaklave(moonsilver)

    This sword was forged straight from the wyld, and a bit of it's unreality still clings to the blade. For the cost of a single mote and willpower, the wielder may coax out this power, the cutting edge changing to cut away the very reality of existence, leaving behind a portal through which the wielder may step, moving unpredictably through the battlefield.

    The user may teleport up to (essence) yards instantly, cutting the air with her sword and emerging somewhere else. This allows an attempt to reestablish surprise with a single free success, and can be flurried with more attacks or teleportations. Each teleport adds another sux to the roll to reestablish surprise, but also counts as an attack using the weapon's rate.

    Striker of Passion(artifact ●●●●)
    This whip never inflicts actual wounds, it's damage instead being on a more subtle level. Every level of damage this weapon would normally deal in combat instead goes to a special counter, maxing out at (essence x 10) points of "damage". These points can be spent with an additional blow from the whip, creating a variety of mental effects. Each effect can be resisted for a single point of WP unless stated otherwise, and doing so renders the target immune to that particular effect until the end of the scene.

    -for a number of points equal to the target's temperance plus their MDDV, the whip can cause them to lose an intimacy of the wielder's choice.

    -for a number of points equal to the target's temperance times 2 plus their MDDV, the whip can cause them to gain a new intimacy of the wielder's choice.

    -for a number of points equal to the target's (essence x 10), the wielder of Striker of Passion may attempt to temporarily change a target's motivation, bending their mind to their will with an unblockable and undodgable UMI attack that takes 3 WP to resist. This effect lasts a number of days equal to the wielder's essence, before needing to be re-inflicted by additional whipping.

    Silver Shot(artifact ●●●, repair 2)
    Luna has seen the Prayer Pieces of the Unconquered sun, and is not impressed. While powerful, where's the finesse? Her chosen would not bother with such tools of such limited functionality, instead crafting these much more adaptable devices.

    This lunar answer to the Prayer Piece is similar at first glance, in both appearance and the requirement of specially treated ammo, but possesses two important differences:

    This gun's ammo, while it can be made in the same manner as that of a Prayer Piece(5 hours of work, and a craft[air] roll of diff 3), is much easier to make. If silver is used for the ammunition(costing resources 2/3 per shot) the user can simply infuse the bullet with essence, paying 5 motes per shot to perform the preparation instantly.

    The Silver Shot has three firing modes that can be switched reflexively:
    1. Sniping: Speed 6, Acc +4, Damage 15L, Rate 1, Range 500
    2. Close combat: Speed 4, Acc +2, Damage 8L, Rate 3, Range 25
    3. Burst: This mode overcharges a pellet for a single tick, paying up to (essence) motes, then fires a massive burst of shrapnel, hitting an area of radius (2 x motes spent on the overcharge) with a vicious hail of stinging needles, inflicting an internal penalty on those hit equal to the wielder's essence until a misc action is taken to remove the painful needles.

    (the gun always holds 6 shots at a time, and has attunement cost 8)

    Oh, and a spell:
    Vault of The Maker
    Celestial circle spell
    20 motes
    The exalted inevitably come across many wonders on their travels, and do not always possess the means to carry such curiosities with them. Invoking this spell, the sorceror carves out his own piece of elsewhere, devoted to holding his acquisitions. The first time this spell is cast, it opens a gateway to a featureless room in elsewhere, (100 * essence) square yards within. The sorceror can then attune to the vault, treating it as the same process as attuning to a manse. Once attuned to the vault, the soreror may spend 5 motes to send any object not owned by another into the vault through a simple ritual taking a single long tick. Only objects no larger than the sorceror's size times their essence may be effected(though larger objects can be moved into the vault, they must be manually dragged in through the gateway the spell creates). Retrieving things sent to the vault is rather trickier, requiring another casting of this spell to open a passage into it once again.
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