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    Default Perception Filter (3.5 Wondrous Item)

    Perception Filter

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    A Perception Filter is a small object on a chain that, when worn, renders a person unnoticable to those around him. Any creature who can sense a creature wearing a Perception Filter must make a will save DC 15+wearer's Will save modifier or be effected as the Cloud Mind power. However, any creature wearing a Perception Filter is immune to the effect of another Perception Filter.

    Market Cost: 264,000 GP
    Crafting Prerequisites: Cloud Mind, (need help on the money and XP costs)
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    Default Re: Perception Filter (3.5 Wondrous Item)

    I'd use it, mostly for sneaking into UNIT bases, or avoiding people that I don't want to be seen by, The Queen mostly, lol.
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