so ill soon be playing in a campaign as a human favored soul. this campaign is meant to rely heavily on role-play versus roll play so in a lot of situations it will be more about my choices through the character than combat so i had an idea.

~peasant farmer. his village gets attacked and he sort of blacks out picks up a scythe and finds himself extremely proficient with it and sudden unknown abilities(a.k.a dieties favored weapon, spells/detect evil are special abilities[also side not, its homebrewed dieties]) so the character then doesnt realize he is casting bull's strength, but hes stronger, etc.(also, part of the campaign necromancy is super evil/outlawed and it rots you away. and killing is illegal as in investigations would happen for murders but you have the right to defend yourselves if attacked on the road by bandits[still shouldnt kill said bandtis])

now, since there will also be ample combat in the game during travels and watnot, can we tweak the favored soul class a bit?

Some of my first thoughts were:

-Detect Evil, constant effect at level 1, through sight only not an "aura/sense" kind of thing, but with a twist. Not only could my character identify creatures of evil alignment but in a scenario such as ~poor family, father resorted to killing 1-2 times to have coin to feed family~ my character would be able to "see" the evil actions a non evil character has taken, and judge them on it (judge being, does this person die? or are their sins/evils justified).
-gaining the paladin style mount, at level 5 or 7ish.

had some more i cant think of right now, at work, but also looking for input.
as character progression goes for PrC'ing im thinking going for the Shining Blade of Heironous(sp?) as a roleplay/efficient combat build choice (hey look at my glowing holyfied scythe im going to destroy you with because my god given eyesight says you suck).