The Essence of Perfection
Cost: ; Mins: Essence 10; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Blasphemy, Heretical
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: The Song of the Shadow

Perfecting her Apotheosis, upon learning this charm the Infernal's essence sends a wave of its nature through all of Creation, Yu-Shan, Malfeas and even the Underworld. Henceforth, her charms are opened for all Green Sun Princes to learn.

This is, however, but a side effect of the true purpose of this charm. Whenever the Infernal slays an Infernal whose Caste is the Infernal's former Caste, she can elect to spend a point of permanent willpower as a reflexive action to start the process to transform the dead Infernal's Exaltation to share her Caste. This, too, is considered an effect of Blasphemy.

The Transformed Exaltation then enters the body of one of the Infernal's Third Circle Demons for a period of one year. This Third Circle Demon must know Investure of Infernal Glory. If the Third Circle Demon so chosen dies before the year ends, the Exaltation's transformation has not managed to complete, and it reverts itself before returning to Lillun.

However, if the process completes, the Exaltation will be bound to the Infernal's Third Circle Demon and the Infernal can choose to hand it in the same manner as the Yozi would have handed it out before. The newly Exalted Infernal will have the same caste as the patron Infernal, and treat the patron Infernal as her Patron Yozi for the purpose of learning charms.