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    Default Looking for "The Culture" fanfiction

    Pretty much what it says in the title. As a fan of Sun-Earther Iain El-Bonko Banks of North Queensferry's Culture series I am looking for new reading material. The problem is that there is nearly nothing on the web. The only two I could find are below. At this point I am looking for anything that has at least a slight resemblance to the original storys, charaters or ideas but if it is in name only it would still be better than nothing.

    Infinite Fun
    The Gray Area (not yet known as meatf*) is asked to look for a ship that has not responded to communications for a few weeks. Somewhat weird crossover with Star Treck, but pretty good. Completed after one chapter.

    Culture Shock
    Crossover with Harry Potter of all things. Incomplete and looks abandoned.

    If someone has books or other storys that resemble the Culture, I would be interested too.
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    I am looking for fanfiction of the Culture or other books in the same vein. Any Ideas? PM me or post here.

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    Default Re: Looking for "The Culture" fanfiction

    A great*exchange of information.

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    Default Re: Looking for "The Culture" fanfiction

    five minutes of Google gave me this , this and this.

    I haven't checked to see if they are finished or anything beyond their existence.

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    Default Re: Looking for "The Culture" fanfiction

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    Default Re: Looking for "The Culture" fanfiction

    There's a 3/4 complete full-length fan-fiction novel called "Impact Analysis" - Google will find this for you with keywords like "Iain Banks" "Impact Analysis".

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