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    Default Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    True Hero

    “I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand, shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!” – Haku-men, a true hero

    A true hero is a character who is able to fight and defeat those who are evil with impunity. (Though they do have a bad habit of being interrupted by irritating scientists/cats) All true heroes are paladins or other warriors of justice, though they gain tremendous power from their own will by giving up the ways of the divine.

    Note: This class makes references to a prestige class I am still writing called the False Hero. I will post this Prestige Class when I finish it, but one can play the class perfectly easily without knowing what the My Own Enemy class feature is.

    Alignment: Must be Lawful Good
    BAB: +5
    Special: Must have the Charging Smite alternate class feature
    Special: Must not be afraid of evil little bunny girls, no matter how easily they could kill you with lightning bolts to the face. (This basically translates into Immunity to Fear, as evil little lightning-spamming bunny girls are quite scary)

    HD: d10

    Skills: Concentration, Craft, Intimidate, Know (Arcana), Know (The Planes), Know (Religion), Profession, Sense Motive, Spot
    Skill Points: 2 + Int

    {table]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Special
    1 | +1 | +0 | +0 | +2 | The White Void, Hard to Let Go
    2 | +2 | +0 | +0 | +3 | The Cold Steel
    3 | +3 | +1 | +1 | +3 | The Just Sword
    4 | +4 | +1 | +1 | +4 | With Blade in Hand
    5 | +5 | +1 | +1 | +4 | Reap the Sins
    6 | +6 | +2 | +2 | +5 | Cleanse the World
    7 | +7 | +2 | +2 | +5 | The Fires of Destruction
    8 | +8 | +2 | +2 | +6 | I Am
    9 | +9 | +3 | +3 | +6 | The End Has Come!
    10 | +10 | +3 | +3 | +7 | Susanooh [/table]

    Class Features:

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: True Heroes gain proficiency with the bastard sword, and may use it as a one-handed weapon with no penalty as long as they have at least 13 Strength. They gain no proficiency with armor or shields.

    The White Void: By accepting your justice as the only justice, you have moved past what society calls “Hero” and become a hero to the only person it really matters to, yourself. You turn your back on your god and lose your status as a paladin, though you are not treated as an enemy of the church and this action will never cause the god in question to send an Aleax (Book of Exalted Deeds) after you. You lose the ability to cast divine spells and you are no longer treated as having a caster level. You lose the ability to cast spell-like abilities that you gained from a divine source (Such as the Detect Evil and Remove Disease abilities of the paladin class. This also applies to the spell-like ability of calling your special mount, if you somehow have that ability and the Charging Smite ability simultaneously).

    Through sheer force of will and a true dedication to the stopping of evil, you retain everything you knew about yourself. You retain the following class features from the base Paladin PHB class and your god can no longer strip them from you: Smite Evil, Divine Grace, Divine Health. You retain your Immunity to Fear, however, you no longer emit an aura that influences your allies’ reactions. You also stop emitting an Aura of Good.

    Your Smite Evil ability becomes usable a number of times per encounter equal to your Charisma modifier + the number of daily uses you had from your Paladin levels (typically +2). You may Smite Evil a minimum of 1/encounter (Regardless of how low your Charisma modifier is). Additionally, your Smite damage becomes equal to your Paladin level +2*your True Hero level. (When you use your Charging Smite ability, the damage becomes three times your Paladin level + three times your True Hero level)

    Additionally, you no longer risk changing to a chaotic alignment for any action, as long as you are adhering to your own strict moral code of justice.

    Hard to Let Go: You may enter this class from the False Hero prestige class (to be described later) in the same manner that a paladin may enter the blackguard class (IE, meet the prerequisites, surrender all levels of False Hero and gain levels in True Hero). However, if you do so, you must make a Will save whenever you come into contact with the target of your My Own Enemy class feature from False Hero. The DC of the Will save is 10 + your Charisma modifier – your True Hero class level. If you fail this saving throw, you act as though you have encountered the target of your My Own Enemy class feature (despite not having that feature any more) and must destroy it. At 10th level, you are no longer subject to this event, and you are able to calmly watch your enemy come and go, though your attitude to him may never rise above indifferent.

    The Cold Steel (Ex): At 2nd level, you are a creature of justice and act as coldly as your blade towards those who have offended you. Evil creatures may not sway you. You gain immunity to mind-affecting spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities from evil sources, and your attitude towards a creature you know to be evil may never rise above hostile, even from a magical source or an extremely good Diplomacy check.

    The Just Sword: At 3rd level, you have placed all your faith in your blade, and it will not fail you. You gain the Ancestral Relic feat (Book of Exalted Deeds) as a bonus feat, ignoring the prerequisites. You may only have one Ancestral Relic at a time, and it must have originally been a masterwork weapon, though it need not be a family heirloom. However, you must have used that weapon and only that weapon for all combat for at least a week before you may treat it as your Ancestral Relic. If the weapon in question is destroyed, you may choose a new weapon to replace it, though you still must use that weapon for a week before it may be your Ancestral Relic. (Your Ancestral Relic gained by this class feature must be a weapon, and it must be a melee weapon)

    With Blade in Hand (Su): At 4th level, you are skilled with your Ancestral Relic, ready to make the scum of the earth pay for their crimes. As long as you are wielding your Ancestral Relic, it is treated as having the axiomatic and holy properties (the bonus damage does not stack with the actual properties if the Ancestral Relic has them) and is treated as lawful and good-aligned for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Additionally, you are empowered by the bond between you and your weapon, and your Smite ability becomes usable 1/round instead of whatever duration it normally has for as long as you are wielding your weapon.

    Reap the Sins (Sp): You must expunge all evil from the world. No one may escape your wrath. At 5th level, you gain the ability to detect evil as the spell, at will, though your will is so strong that if you encounter any kind of magical aura that conceals alignments, you force a dispel check onto it, with your caster level equal to your character level. If you succeed, the concealing ability is suppressed for one round and you are able to detect evil successfully. You are also made aware that the aura in question is attempting to magically conceal itself. If you fail the dispel check, you are unaware of the aura as usual. You also automatically succeed all Sense Motive checks you make against the Bluff checks of evil creatures, and you gain a +20 bonus on all other Sense Motive checks you make against evil creatures.

    Additionally, you are now able to control yourself around creatures you know to be evil, and your attitude towards a creature you know to be evil may now rise to unfriendly, though no higher. This must be a conscious decision. You may not rise to unfriendly through magical means or with Diplomacy checks as per your Cold Steel class feature, but if you willingly choose to, you may stay your blade against evil until the time is right.

    Cleanse the World (Ex): You are particularly deadly to evil, and they know it. Starting at 6th level, you emit an Aura of Law and Good that is always treated as overwhelming, except to outsiders whose HD exceed your character level by at least 4 and deities. Additionally, your Smite Evil ability is now particularly deadly and you gain several benefits to it. (These benefits only work while you are wielding your Ancestral Relic weapon)

    Your extra damage from Smite Evil is now multiplied on a confirmed critical hit.

    Against a Chaotic Evil creature or, for a former False Hero, the subject of your My Own Enemy class feature, your Smite Evil attacks deal additional damage equal to your Charisma modifier (this is multiplied on a critical hit as well)

    Against the subject of a former False Hero’s My Own Enemy class feature, you may use your Smite Evil ability on them regardless of their alignment.

    The Fires of Destruction (Su): At 7th level you leave evil creatures quaking in their shoes. Whenever you attack or charge, evil creatures within 30 ft who can see you must make Will saves (DC equal to 10 +your class level +your Charisma modifier, with a -4 penalty if they are Chaotic Evil or the subject of your My Own Enemy class feature, and an additional -4 penalty that applies to any creature if the attack was a Smite Evil attempt) or be Shaken for 1 minute. Creatures with HD exceeding yours are immune to this effect. A creature who succeeds on their saving throw is immune to this ability for 24 hours.

    Additionally, the bonuses on your Ancestral Relic improve from holy and axiomatic to holy burst and axiomatic burst, unique abilities which work in the following way:

    Holy Burst: This weapon deals 2d6 additional damage to creatures of the evil alignment. On a critical against an evil creature, the weapon / ammunition does an additional +1d10 damage if x2, +2d10 if x3, & +3d10 if x4. When hitting a creature not susceptible to critical hits, make the confirmation roll anyway. If successful, the opponent takes the extra damage listed, but not the weapon’s critical multiplier.

    Axiomatic Burst: This weapon deals 2d6 additional damage to creatures of the chaotic alignment. On a critical against a chaotic creature, the weapon / ammunition does an additional +1d10 damage if x2, +2d10 if x3, & +3d10 if x4. When hitting a creature not susceptible to critical hits, make the confirmation roll anyway. If successful, the opponent takes the extra damage listed, but not the weapon’s critical multiplier.

    I Am (Ex): You know who you are. You are so self-assured in your pathway that you do not let anyone tell you what is “right” or “wrong”. At 8th level, you become immune to any attempt, magical or otherwise, to persuade you to spare a creature you know to be evil. This ability even applies if the person attempting to convince you is in a position of power or is one of your close personal friends, allies, or even lover. It also applies if the evil creature is helpless, has voluntarily surrendered, or has atoned for his crimes. The world will only be purged from evil as long as you are vigilant. Your friends will understand one day.

    The End Has Come (Ex): At 9th level, you are so blinded by your own sense of justice that nothing else matters to you. You no longer need to eat, drink, or sleep, you are no longer subject to the effects of fatigue or exhaustion, and you are immune to the detrimental effects of extremely hot or cold weather, as the endure elements spell. The radius of your detect evil ability becomes one mile, and it is always active, you no longer need to concentrate on it to gain information, but it will always come to you, whether you want it or not.

    You gain a morale bonus on all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities with the [evil] descriptor equal to your class level and if you succeed on a saving throw with a partial effect that has the [evil] descriptor, you instead take no effect. Even if you fail the saving throw, you only take the partial effect. Finally, your Ancestral Relic reaches its true calling in your hands and gains the vorpal ability against evil creatures only (if your Ancestral Relic is not a slashing weapon, you do not gain this benefit)

    Susanooh: At the end of your journey as a hero, you are now a lean, mean, evil-killing machine. Literally. Your travels have been too much on your physical form, but there is still evil that must be dealt with. You leave your corporeal body and possess a special humanoid shell of your size known as Susanooh armor. Your type changes to Living Construct with the following changes:

    You become immune to healing magic and natural healing. You may be repaired with a Craft (gemcutting, blacksmith, or armorsmith) check that takes 8 hours. You may not take 20 on this check, but you may take 10. You are healed an amount of hitpoints by this check equal to your check result -15. If you perform this Craft check yourself, you gain an insight bonus equal to your class level. You may also be healed by the Repair Wounds line of spells.

    You become immune to precision damage and critical hits. (This replaces the normal light fortification ability of Living Constructs)

    You lose your armor, as well as your shoulder, torso, and body slots. You are treated as wearing armor that gives you a +10 armor bonus that does not stack with any other armor bonuses. It may be enchanted as normal armor. You gain spell resistance equal to 10+your HD and DR 10/Adamantine. You also gain one Warforged bonus feat, which you qualify for as a Living Construct, though you may not take the Unarmored feat. You gain +4 Constitution, but take a -2 penalty to your Charisma because you have no face.

    You sprout red eyes all over your armor, though none of them appear on your mask. You gain a +8 racial bonus on all Spot checks (this supercedes any racial bonuses you may have had) and Darkvision out to 60 feet. You also gain the Improved Uncanny Dodge ability, as a warblade of 6th level.

    So, what do all you BlazBlue fans think? I'd like to hear some feedback and comments/critique on how the class looks. Feel free to use it without asking me!
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    Default Re: Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    I like the fluff. I've been meaning to play BlazBlue for a while now, but keep forgetting to. Anyway. . . .

    I'm not great at evaluations, but the Susanooh capstone worries me the most.

    Construct is generally an inferior type.
    I assume you don't recalculate saves or Base Attack? If you do recalculate them as a Construct, its even worse.

    You lose racial adjustments to Strength and Dex, which are often high for a melee fighter (ie, Half-orc, Orc builds.) You also lose body-related special attacks. This is vague and terrifying. Technically, most special attacks require body parts. Smite evil, for instance. Please at least define this better.

    You lose your Constitution score. Hit Die to d10 sounds good, but with no constitution score, you lose a bunch of hit points.

    +10 natural armor is a little low, I think. You'll be at least level 10 by the time this kicks in. By level 10, a traditional fighter or paladin can easily surpass +10 AC with magic armor. Also, it doesn't scale with level, so you're trapped with that +10 Natural Armor without actual armor permanently, it seems.

    Damage Reduction 10/Adamantine is okay, I guess. If you're reluctant to boost the AC or any other aspect, I would suggest boosting the DR.

    I understand why you'd lose body, torso, and shoulder slots, but these are among the most important slots. By denying those slots you are permanently shutting out some vital magic items. Cloak of resistance comes to mind, as does any of the various robes, cloaks, capes, and such.

    Darkvision 60 feet, +8 Spot, and Improved Uncanny Dodge are pretty decent but don't really make up for the type change..

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    Default Re: Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    Fluff is excellent. However, I think the capstone type should change to Living Construct, thus allowing the hero to retain their constitution score.

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    Default Re: Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    I suppose if I made the class a Living Construct instead of a Construct it would be undoubtable that it keeps all its class levels...Alright, fixed. Any other suggestions?

    Edit: Alright, made the capstone into a Living Construct with some changes, gives a +4 bonus to Con and a -2 penalty to Cha now, as well as changing the natural armor bonus to an armor bonus that can be enchanted. You still lose the magic item slots, but because you're essentially turning into a Warforged and Warforged don't have them either, I figured it was fair. His new armor doesn't have an AC penalty or a Max Dex, so I thought it was a good capstone. I also added SR from the armor because of how powerful it's supposed to be. I figured normal mages would have a problem harming it.
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    Default Re: Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    I think Warforged have all the usual slots EXCEPT armor (and they can just get themselves enchanted as armor, so that is really just a technicality in many cases).
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    Default Re: Does Anyone Like BlazBlue? (3.5 Prestige Class, PEACH)

    I double-checked, and you are correct Draco, Warforged cannot wear armor or robes, but as I'm providing free heavy armor with no restrictions and a +5 ability (heavy fortification) as early as level 15 I think there should be a limitation on it.

    Does anyone have a more balanced suggestion that doesn't remove two item slots?

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