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    Default Homebrew Commission

    For all that are interested, this is a Legend of Dragoon homebrew.

    All my attempts have ended up rather lackluster.
    I was wondering if someone more experienced in 'brew would undertake my request for the Dragoon class.

    I'm thinking based off maneuvers and psionics, but some new disciplines or maneuvers would have to be thought up, possibly some new powers as well.

    You would be able to just insert some dragoon lore into whatever campaigns you had dragoons in, as you need Dragoon Spirits to have dragoons. If you didn't really feel like having a big dragoon theme, then you can just have one guy who "bonded" with the spirit of a particular dragon, possibly by saving the dragons life or some other such reason. Of course, Dragoons naturally bear the burden of the fate of the world on their shoulders, so if they started drawing attention from enemies, then the Dragoons' natural enemies would likely start showing up (Virage, Dragon busters etc).

    Any takers?

    If you are interested please respond in this thread, or PM.
    We will probably keep in touch via PM/email for discussions about the class and all that good stuff.

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    Default Re: Homebrew Commission

    Did you see this?

    Its pretty in-line with what you described, just in a different light.
    If You did and thats not what you want, I'll see if I can make something.
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    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: Homebrew Commission

    Yes I have seen that before, but no that's not it.

    That's based off the Dragoon from Final Fantasy.

    This is from Legend of Dragoon, a stand alone title for ps1.

    I guess I would ask those that are interested to familiarize themselves with LoD, so here's a few linkies.


    fan site

    If you haven't played it, you should give it a try. It hasn't aged well, and a few of the plot turns are pretty contrived, but it earned a special place in my heart as a child, and now I can bring it to life again in D&D.
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