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    Default Feats for a Syntheist

    Heya everyone,

    Once again I have troubles deciding, so I turn to you again.

    What feat would you recommend as a level 3 feat for a Syntheist Summoner?

    Level 1 was Extra Evolution and I got 5 up to 13 figured out too, but 3 is a hard one. Too many feats have minor benefits and the good ones (power attack) I want have requirements I can't met.
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    What effects allow a saving throw?
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    Default Re: Feats for a Syntheist

    Arcane strike isn't bad as it applies to all natural attacks for the cost of a swift per round.

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    Default Re: Feats for a Syntheist

    Improved Initiative is always awesome; Arcane Strike as mentioned, which has the added bonus of scaling well with level and number of attacks; Combat Expertise if you want to take advantage of the Eidolon's large size.
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