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    Default [3.5e NPC PrC] Psy-Born (PEACH)

    Last of these. Most likely. Unless I decide to try making them for Warmage, Sorcerer, Wu Jen, Shugenja, Favored Soul, Spirit Shaman and Wilder. Wish I probably won't.

    "I don't know how. I can just do it. Now please leave me alone."
    -Bret, Psy-Born

    Many individuals each year are born gifted in the ways of Psionics, whether due to random chance or being a member of a gifted race. Many of these individuals follow their calling and go down the path to become a Psion. Some of these don't have time for introspective study. Some just wing it. These individuals still draw their power from their raw intellect, not raw emotions, but don't spend the time to properly explore and expand their powers in a safe and controlled manner. They instead develop naturally.

    Becoming a Psy-Born
    As the name implies, the Psy-Born are generally born, not made. They are the result of applying their natural reserve of power points in an attempt to produce an effect. They find after an amount of effort that certain Powers manifest. They have a life to lead and don't have the luxury of embarking on a quest of self-exploration to fully master their powers. So they make do with what they have.

    Entry Requirements:
    Skills: Psicraft 3, Any other skill 6
    Special: Wild Talent or Naturally Psionic

    Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Profession, Psicraft and Sleight of Hand. In addition, a Psy-Born gains access to additional class skills based on his discipline, just as a Psion does.
    Skill Points each level: 2 + Intelligence Modifier

    Hit Dice: d4

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    Discipline, Psionic Ability, Psionic Development
    Inborn Power
    Psionic Ability
    Heritage Power
    Psionic Attunement

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Psy-Born are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, quarterstaff, and shortspear. They are not proficient with any type of armor or shield.

    Discipline: The Psy-Born finds that he is particularly adept in a single area of expertise. He selects one of the Psion's Disciplines. This determines which powers he can choose from for Inborn Power and Heritage Power, as well as which skills are class skills for him.

    Psionic Ability: It's much easier to use psionic energy in the form of untrained, undisciplined efforts. The Psy-Born gains a bonus Psionic feat of their choice which they qualify for.

    Psionic Development: As the Psy-Born continues their occasional excursions into the realm of Psionics, they slowly grow in power. Levels in Psy-Born count as levels in a manifesting class for purposes of bonus PP from a high Intelligence score.

    Inborn Power: The Psy-Born's efforts to harness their raw power have resulted in the mastery of a single power. The Psy-Born selects one of the 1st-level powers from their Discipline and gains the ability to manifest it once a day as Psy-like abilities at a CL equal to their Psy-Born level and saves based off of their Intelligence. The use of this power does not consume PP though PP may be used to augment it. If they ever gain levels in Psion, these levels stack with Psy-Born levels for determining the CL of these powers.

    Heritage Power: After further efforts, the Psy-Born learns how to utilize a couple more Powers. They select a pair of 1st level powers either from the Psion power list or from their Discipline. They may manifest each of these once per day as a Psy-like abilities at a CL equal to their Psy-Born level and saves based off of their Intelligence. The use of this power does not consume PP though PP may be used to augment it. If they ever gain levels in Psion, these levels stack with Psy-Born levels for determining the CL of these powers.

    Psionic Attunement: At long last the Psy-Born has completely come to terms with their abilities. They gain the ability to expend their PP to use their Powers from Inborn and Heritage Power additional times per day beyond the starting one. The Psy-Born gains one psionic, metapsionic, or psionic item creation feat. PP may now be used to apply Metapsionic feats to the Psy-Born's Psy-like abilities from Inborn and Heritage Power.

    And that's that. Out of these NPC PrCs that are knock-offs of casting classes, I think this may be the most powerful. Not sure whether it warrants changing or not. Was a bit lost as to what to do as powers don't really fit the same pattern that I've been using for spells in the other three. Think this is close enough though.

    And now a bit of expansion on how the variant NPC PrC ---> PC Casting Class thing works:

    After attaining the fifth level of the appropriate NPC PrC class (Mage's Assistant, Child of the Forest, Devout, or Psy-Born) the character may begin taking levels of the corresponding PC class (Wizard, Druid, Cleric, or Psion respectively). The fifth level class feature stacks with the beginning casting/manifesting abilities of the PC class. So, for example, the Psy-Born's three powers would be the three known powers that the Psion starts with. The 0-level spell slots and 1st-level spell slots from Spell Comprehension, Enlightenment and True Worship are integrated into the starting spell slots of the PC class. However, the Spell/Psy-like abilities gained remain. Both classes count together for determining CL for all powers/spells. This is of course a variant, but one that I find particularly interesting.
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