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    Default Broken, perhaps?

    My friends and I were playing today. Durkon went and engaged Xykon (Everyone else was on the other floor), and we decided to pile on the undead and goblins. Including two Goblin Necromancers. In the end, it got to be such a large battle that Xykon had 64 attack and defense. I'm pretty sure this isn't the way the game was designed to work...

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    Default Re: Broken, perhaps?

    Short answer: Yes, that is how it's supposed to work. (I think.)

    For a long answer, you might check out the discussions of battle size in the rules questions thread, starting on page 2 or so.

    You seem to have caused the situation on purpose by giving Xykon a bunch of support, so it doesn't really sound like a "problem" per se. If you're still not sure because it seemed too easy or it happens ridiculously often or something, you might want to go into more detail in that thread and make sure you're doing it right.
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    Default Re: Broken, perhaps?

    That is exactly how it is supposed to work. Why didn't Durkon turn the undead?
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    Default Re: Broken, perhaps?

    Yeah, basically, the game forces you to cooperate a little at the end, as is appropriate for the story. If everyone piles on with more monsters, it is possible that Xykon becomes unbeatable, the bad guys win, and the OOTS loses. You have to show some restraint and balance the desire to not have the one character win with the desire to have someone win.
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