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    Default Original (I think) Monster Concept: Help/Input Wanted

    Okay. I would like to start this off by telling all my players to not read further. If you are unsure if you are one of my players, I suggest not reading further.

    All set?

    Okay, so basically, next adventure I was planning on doing a horror stint. As a character concept, I was thinking of having an invisible creature, whose only abilities would be to shroud the room in darkness, and to make a character invisible and mute. In addition, it would let out a blood-curling scream in the process. Any attempts that the invisible character makes to communicate will, with any luck, manifest themselves as creepy poltergeist-ish activity. However, I'm a bit at a loss as to how to implement it. I'm running 4e, btw.

    Suggestions? Comments?
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    Default Re: Original (I think) Monster Concept: Help/Input Wanted

    I have both:
    Comment: This should be in Homebrew
    Suggestion: Contact a Mod to get this moved to Homebrew

    You probably want a Will Save vs Fear and Greater Invisibility targeting the enemy (allowing for a save of course)
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