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    [PrC 3.5 Tender/Void]Core of Confliction (peach...)


    Pureheart/Tendersoul 10 or Voidsoul 10
    Must have been exposed to a powerful aura of good/evil.
    Must have committed a act of utmost evil/righteousness.
    Either must be of opposing alignment to the Void/Tendersoul.

    Special!: A Tornsoul may never again level as either Voidsoul or Tendersoul class after taking Tornsoul.


    1st|+0|+2|+2|+2|Rising/Falling, Conflicted|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    2nd|+1|+3|+3|+3|Gaze of Torment 1/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    3rd|+2|+3|+3|+3|Frailty of the Soul 1/week|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    4th|+3|+4|+4|+4|Gaze of Torment 2/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    5th|+3|+4|+4|+4|Redemption 1/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    6th|+4|+5|+5|+5|Gaze of Torment 3/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    7th|+5|+5|+5|+5|Frailty of the Soul 2/week|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    8th|+6|+6|+6|+6|Gaze of Torment 4/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    9th|+6|+6|+6|+6|Redemption 2/day|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    10th|+7|+7|+7|+7|Gaze of Torment at will, Conflicted Ascension|+1 level of either Voidsoul or Tendersoul casting

    Alignment: The Tender/Voidsoul becomes either True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, or Lawful Neutral, which ever is more appropriate

    Hit Die: 1d10

    Class Skills:
    Class Skills are... Skills same as Voidsoul or Tendersoul, which ever you were.
    Skill Points at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier

    Class Features:
    The following are the class features for the Tornsoul:

    Weapons and Armor:
    Gains proficiency with Medium armor, and Martial weapons.

    The Tornsoul continues spellcasting progression as previous Tender/Voidsoul class, But the spells list is altered to include Three different spells per spell level from the other's list.
    A Tendersoul turned Tornsoul takes Tendersoul spell list, +3 spells per level from the Voidsoul spell list.

    The Tornsoul is a tormented being split between the path of Light and the path of Corruption, They're war is not between the good or evil of the world, but of they're own soul.
    You change your alignment to a Neutral, but retain all class features of Voidsoul or Tendersoul. In addition, The Tornsoul continues gaining Cause Fear or Sanctuary and enhanced forms of said abilities (Sanctuary!, ect), depending on prior class (Tendersoul/Voidsoul) on levels they would normally gain them. (every three, depends on last level received)

    The Tornsoul is constantly being pulled to do evil, but at the same time what influence of the Goddess remains is always reminding them of the light, warning them against evil.
    exTendersoul: Make a will save when confronted with an obvious moral choice with situational modifiers as appropriate for the situation given by the DM. DC also determined by the DM depending on the situation. If you fail, you take the path of evil.
    exVoidsoul: As above, but if you fail you take the path of light, and righteousness.
    A base would be DC 5, +5 for the magnitude of the situation. (Evil/good 5, Cruel/selfless 10, very evil/very good 15 Abominable/Sacrificial 20 Demonic/Angelic 25) I can give no aid anywhere else but a good idea would be to have a set + or - 2 depending on the character, and the situation. If for example, a torn Tendersoul has some sort of connection to the act in a positives light, it would be a +2 per connection. Such as once having a baby (if your confronted with a situation involving a baby) This does require thought and good judgment on the DM's part, and a well rehearsed background and ideal for the Tornsoul character.

    Sin and Salvation:
    The Tornsoul gains two countdowns. Sin pool, and Salvation pool. When ever Conflicted causes the character to perform an evil or good deed, they gain S&S. Every good deed adds 2 Salvation points and removes 1 Sin point, every evil deed adds 2 Sin points and removes 1 Salvation point.
    Every 10 points in one pool gives a free deed of the same type (you don't need to make a Conflict roll the next time the opportunity presents itself.
    For every 20 points one pool outweighs the other, grants a related +/-2 to the Confliction roll. An exTendersoul who has 20 more Sin then Salvation has a -2 to the Conflict roll. Where as 20 more Salvation then Sin would grant a +2

    Gaze of Torment Ex:
    The gaze of a Tornsoul tells of unimaginable internal suffering, torment, and an uncertain future. Its enough to bring pain to the hearts or souls of those that meet the gaze.
    To use this ability, the Tornsoul must meet the gaze of a creature. This ability is not dependant on turn, and is an immediate action.
    Will save DC= 10+class levels+Cha mod. On a fail, the effect is determined by rolling with the following:
    The gaze of the Tornsoul stuns the victim as they wonder how anyone can be so.. tormented. how anyone could be so sad/lonely/lost, ect. lasts 1d4 rounds
    The gaze of the Tornsoul confuses the victim. Why? How? Did I just see that? lasts 1d6 rounds
    The gaze of the Tornsoul Frightens the victim. Are they cursed? Is it contagious? Does she even have a soul? lasts 1d6 rounds
    The gaze of the Tornsoul saps the will away from the victim. they take -1d6 to they're will saving throw for 1d12 rounds.
    The gaze of the Tornsoul bolsters the subjects emotion, and steels his mind. +1d4 will save, attack bonus, and AC as a moral bonus. lasts 1d6 rounds.
    The gaze fills the subject with rage, and hate, and desire to kill the Tornsoul. Need to end her suffering now, How dare she look at me like that, abomination!
    Subject gets +4 Strength, Dex, and Constitution, Diehard and Toughness feats. But must attack the Tornsoul.
    Lasts 1d3 rounds.

    Frailty of the Soul Su:
    The Tornsoul knows just how fragile a Soul can be. As a standard action, the Tornsoul can inflict pain directly to a subjects soul. dealing 1d12 nonlethal damage per Class level as Tornsoul, and inflicting 1d6 negative levels. The next time the subject is given an obvious moral choice, it must make a will save DC= 15+Tornsoul's Charisma modifier, or take the most evil path.
    Using Frailty of the Soul gives the Tornsoul 5 Sin points.

    Redemption Su:
    The Tornsoul also knows the souls desire to be pure, to be forgiven. The Tornsoul can take a standard action to cast Atonement, which works instantly within the standard action, simultaneously with a Heal. When used on a dying creature it cleanses they're soul for the afterlife, ensuring a place within the realm of a good deity willing to take the purified soul in (and makes the spirit Friendly, should interaction ever come somehow)
    The latter use gives the Tornsoul 5 Salvation points.

    Conflicted Ascension:
    The time has come, Judgment befalls the Tornsoul. The powers that have been guiding them come to claim they're prize.
    Path one: The Tornsoul is taken by Corruption, and becomes a demon.
    If the Tornsoul has more Sin points then Salvation points, the Tornsoul gains the Outsider and Undead types with the Evil and Native subtypes. HD however, remains unchanged, the Tornsoul retains a constitution, and remains vulnerable to critical hits. No matter the situation The Tornsoul gains either Leathery wings, or Feathered black or red wings with a fly speed of x2 land speed and Good maneuverability, or a pair of horns appropriate for the Tornsoul's size, dealing damage and having an effect accordingly. The horns also give of a slight aura of fear, any within 30ft of the Tornsoul takes a -4 to Will saves against fear effects, -2 if creature is Good aligned.

    Path two: The Tornsoul is bathed in the light of the Goddess, and becomes an holy creature.
    If the Tornsoul has more Salvation points then Sin points, the Tornsoul gains the Outsider type with the Archon and Native subtypes. No matter the situation, the Tornsoul gains a set of feathery wings with fly speed x2 land speed with good maneuverability, Or a generates an anomaly causing light to gather around the head, appearing to be a ring shaped apparition. Its not all show and no tell however, the Tornsoul can generate an aura Cha mod x10feet of Daylight, which acts as true sunlight against creatures weak against sunlight. The Tornsoul can suppress this "Halo" as a free action, Halo also amplifies Sanctuary effects within its reach, giving a +2 bonus for the benefit of whomever is protected by the Sanctuary.

    At this point the Conflict changes so they must make a will save equal to they're character level to perform an act of opposition to they're new nature. (good or evil). They need not make a save to perform an action of they're new nature.

    Path three: If in the rare chance the Tornsoul is equivalent in both Sin and Salvation, the Tornsoul gains the Outsider and Aberration types, taking the best of each but ignoring lessers. (Such as a weaker Attack from the Aberration), as well as both good and evil subtypes, and the Native subtype. but still need not Sleep or Eat as they become a twisted entity eternally locked between Good and Evil. No matter the situation, the Tornsoul gains either a twisted set of wings appearing to be a disorganized hybrid of a dragon, and a bird. Fly speed x2 landspeed, good maneuverability. Or, Can manifest the conflict of her soul into her very physical nature. Appearing to be half holy light, or half evil shadow. Anyone who sees the Tornsoul in this manner make a will save (DC 20+cha mod) or be subject to both Blasphemy and Holy Word, effects don't stack and one roll is made, one effect. It simply effects anyone who isn't both good and evil (Like the Tornsoul) (caster level = to Void/Tendersoul level + tornsoul level +5). On a failed save, they take 1d4 negative levels as they're mind shatters.
    The Tornsoul instead of having to make Conflict checks, instead rolls a die to determine an action taken. usually a d8, for each alignment outside of True Neutral.
    Alternatively, the DM should allow the Player to determine the action herself, if the DM sees fit due to exeptional roleplaying.

    A Tornsoul who also achieved full 20 levels of Void or Tendersoul prior to being Torn takes Both wings and the special effect.
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    Default Re: [PrC 3.5 Tender/Void]Core of Confliction (peach...)

    I like the feel of it. The tugging between the need to do good and the need to do evil, ending in one solid judgment. And the picture is pretty great too. Well done.

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    Default Re: [PrC 3.5 Tender/Void]Core of Confliction (peach...)

    Sweetness and pie dude, the circle is complete!

    One itty bitty thing which is bugging me though. Conflicted Ascension doesn't cater for the highly unlikely, but still existant possibility that sin and salvation are the same number... I'd LOVE to see what you reckon should happen then!
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    Default Re: [PrC 3.5 Tender/Void]Core of Confliction (peach...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Veklim View Post
    Sweetness and pie dude, the circle is complete!

    One itty bitty thing which is bugging me though. Conflicted Ascension doesn't cater for the highly unlikely, but still existant possibility that sin and salvation are the same number... I'd LOVE to see what you reckon should happen then!
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    Default Re: [PrC 3.5 Tender/Void]Core of Confliction (peach...)

    Class skills should be "As per Voidsoul or Tendersoul whichever you had more levels in when you initially entered this prestige class". Unless they have the exact same skill list, in which case just copy-paste it over for ease of reference.

    Also... well this may be just something that munchkins should be struck with books about, but the prerequisites don't require much conflict... A 10th level Voidsoul could hold a snuff festival for his minions, with lighting provided by babies dipped in tar, hung by their wrists from poles with little iron manacles and lit on fire, then wave hello to Asmodius while basking in his aura-o-evil (tm) and hey-presto they qualify for this class.

    The main text of "Spells" makes it sound like it is 3 spells PERIOD, but the example says that it is 3 spells per level. Also, is that 3 spells per SPELL level, or 3 spells per level in the PrC? Might want some boilerplate about limiting them to spells they can actually cast at the level the earned them, or you can load up on the higher level stuff when creating a character for a game that starts at 16th level or whatever.

    Technically it seems that a Tendersoul taking this class would NOT gain proficiency with light armor or simple weapons. I suspect this is a bug.

    "Rising/Fallen" is not a pair from a English perspective. It should be named either "Rising/Falling" or "Risen/Fallen" from said perspective. YMMV on if those actually convey the feel you want.

    "Conflicted" leaves the GM completely on their own as far as setting base DCs. You don't even give any hints. One GM might always make it DC 40, another might use 15 as a good base. You don't even say if the DC should be higher the greater the magnitude of the act. I think the DC should be LOWER for acts of greater magnitude. You ever heard how to boil a frog in a pot with no lid? You increase the heat very gradually. Thus smaller sins or acts of kindness (but the example is usually used for sins..) can gradually lead to bigger ones. In any case, you need to give some guidelines.

    Do the horns have any mechanical effect? I would think they do since it is an "or" thing... stat out that Gore attack (it should be easy since that sort of thing has a strict progression by size).

    The aura of path three has two effects on a failed save, but you have written them out in a very confusing manner.
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