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    Default Making things a bit messier in Saga Edition

    Starwars is set in a big scarey universe where people frequently lose bits of limbs in unfortunate accidents. And yet in the Saga guide, dismemberment is fairly rare and considered a benevolent act.

    What's more, why would someone bother with lighter weapons when they can grab a large rifle or a vibroaxe to get the extra damage happening. It's not like they could lose a limb, is it?

    Proposed idea:
    A character that takes damage exceeding their damage threshhold (not merely taking condition damage), or is dropped below 0 hp is injured and is unable to use a limb until they can remove the condition that triggered the status (by "shaking off" the condition damage or healing the hp damage). A character that has both such conditions takes permanent damage to that limb.

    This replaces the usual rule that a character is killed when its hit points are reduced to zero by an attack that exceeds massive damage. Characters with 0 hit points are still unconscious (barring special feats).

    Roll d6
    1- left arm, 2- right arm, 3- left leg, 4- right leg, 5- Torso, 6- Head

    Arm: That limb cannot be used
    Leg: Fall prone and cannot stand until condition fixed
    Torso/Head: Unable to take actions (except those that repair condition damage).
    Each such injury adds a cumulative -2 penalty to strength or dexterity based skills.

    Arm/Leg: See the Severing Strike talent in the SECR (page 218)
    Torso: Prone and unable to act, typically dying and can easily be finished off. Will need some form of surgery or life support system to ensure survival.
    Head: Killed outright (decapitated)

    A character can spend a force point to negate a permanent injury and instead change it to a temporary injury. You can choose to spend this point after rolling the nature of the injury. This forcepoint does not count towards your use of forcepoints in the round, nor can it be recouped by the Force Point Recovery Force Technique.

    Severing Strike (Jedi talent)- If you would cause a temporary injury to a target's arm or leg, you may choose to make it a permanent injury instead (potentially ending the fight much quicker). You also gain the benefits of the original talent.

    Diehard (new feat)- You do not become unconscious when you reach 0 hit points. Instead you continue to act, but any successful attacks against you will cause injuries (potentially permanent). You can still be rendered unconscious by condition track damage.

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    Default Re: Making things a bit messier in Saga Edition

    I would suggest you alter the probabilities so you're less likely to get a head or torso injury, since those two are much more severe than the other ones. A d10 would work well: 1-2 left leg, 3-4 right leg, 5 torso, 6-7 left arm, 8-9 right arm, 10 head or something like that.
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