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    Default [3.5 New Rules Idea] Piety



    What is Piety?
    Piety is a measure of the bond between a character and his or her deity. It does not matter what his or her class is; all characters can have bonds with deities. Generally, associating with and making sacrifices to a deity will cause the deity to expect further sacrifices in the future. Those that choose to worship, but not raise their piety, should not fear a deity's wrath - if it never increases from 0, it is difficult to lose it.

    There are 15 levels of piety, from -7 to 0 to 7. Those who attain Piety Level -7 are the absolute ire of a deity - the deity actively attempts to destroy the offender. Those who attain Piety Level 7 are the crowned champion of their deity - they are very rare.

    Purposefully offending the character's own deity immediately reduces that character's piety by at least 1 level. The DM may decide that an incredibly offensive act against the deity reduces the offender's piety by even more. Some acts that offend a deity include destroying altars, holy symbols or other symbols of worship, unjustly slaying a member of the deity's clergy, or performing acts that break any of the tenets a deity may require. Generally, alignment change does not affect the character's bond with their deity, unless it breaks tenets the deity has established or is a required part of a character's oath to a deity (such as with Clerics).

    What is Piety, really?

    Piety, and pretty much everything in this section on the rules about it, are based on the artifacts and Piety system in ADOM. Because some of the information regarding Piety is not known in ADOM, I have changed some of it here. All artifacts are taken from the game, and re-represented here.

    {table=head]Level of Piety|Description|Effect
    -7|"MORTAL, YOU HAVE PESTERED ME FOR TOO LONG!" - <deity>|Deity summons Solars, Astral Krakens, or Balors.
    -6|"Mortal, you are a pest." - <deity>|You are struck by a bolt of pure divine energy for (2xECL)*12 damage.
    -5|"I hereby punish thee, puny mortal." - <deity>|All items you possess are instantly destroyed. No save.
    -5|You feel bad...very bad.|Same as above, happens if you have no items; you are Doomed instead.
    -4|"Take this for your impunity!" - <deity>|All items you possess becomes Cursed.
    -3|"Mortal, you are a nuisance!" - <deity>|Divine spellcasters lose access to class abilities.
    -2|You hear <deity> grumbling in anger.|Divine spellcasters lose access to spells.
    -1|For some seconds the ground rumbles. Nothing else happens.|Nothing
    0|<deity> seems to be unconcerned.|Nothing
    1|<deity> seems to be pleased.|Nothing
    2|<deity> seems to be very pleased with you.|Deity will bless water for you, and will grant access to spells and class abilities if access had been taken away.
    3|You feel inner strength lifting your spirits.|Deity grants the Lucky intrinsic ability to you.
    3|You feel inner peace.|Same as above, if you are Good and have been granted Lucky already.
    3|You burn with the anticipation of power.|Same as above, if you are Evil.
    4|You feel spiritually invincible.|Deity is more likely to grant Prayers.
    5|You feel very close to <deity>.|Deity removes Cursed and Doomed intrinsics from you, grants Fate Smiles.
    6|You feel extremely close to <deity>.|Deity grants a Blessing to you, as the spell, for 24 hours.
    7|<deity> seems to be absolutely close to you.|Deity declares you its Crowned Champion.[/table]

    All characters start at Piety Level 0, regardless of their starting Experience Level. A character starting at level 10 cannot decide to give part of his or her starting wealth to gain Piety Levels during character creation. To gain piety, a character must be at least level 2 and make a substantial material sacrifice to his or her deity. The minimum amount increases with ECL, and varies based on the character's class. If a character has multiple classes at different levels, the highest level class counts for determinining minimum material sacrifice. If a character has multiple classes at the same level, the most expensive sacrifice based on class is used - so if a Wizard 2/Fighter 2 makes a sacrifice, it must meet the minimum for Wizards, but a Wizard 1/Fighter 3 must only meet the minimum for Fighters.

    The minimum sacrifice a deity will accept is equal to 1*(character's ECL^2). Sacrificing this paltry amount will satisfy a deity to prevent Piety Decay (see below).

    The minimum material sacrifice to gain a Piety Level breaks down like this:

    10% of your estimated Wealth by Level (see DMG 135) = W
    Class dependency on Material Possessions Factor = F
    Next Level of Piety = P
    Minimum Material Sacrifice = S

    ((W*F)*P)+100 = S

    If a character has more Wealth than is expected, use the higher level associated with that much wealth. For example, if a Level 6 character has 20,000 GP, they use Level 7 WBL in their calculations instead of Level 6.

    For a 5th level Barbarian, whose Material Possessions Factor is .25, and is striving to raise his Piety to Inner Strength (level 3), the cost would look like this:

    ((900*.25)*3)+100 = S
    (225*3)+100 = S
    775+100 = S
    875 = S

    The Minimum Material Sacrifice for the 5th level Barbarian to gain Piety Level 3 is 875 gold.

    Another example:

    An 11th level Cleric (Material Possessions Factor of 1) is striving to become the Crowned Champion of her deity (level 7). She is currently Very Close (piety level 5) to her deity. If she wishes to immediately jump from Piety level 5 to Piety level 7, the two following equations would be needed:

    ((6600*1)*6)+100 = S
    (6600*6)+100 = S
    39600+100 = S
    39700 = S

    ((6600*1)*7)+100 = S
    (6600*7)+100 = S
    46200+100 = S
    46300 = S

    The Cleric would have to make a sacrifice of 86000 gold - an amount she shouldn't even be capable of having at that level. However, if she were to make a single sacrifice of at least 150% the minimum, she can immediately ascend to Piety level 7, gaining the benefits of both level 6 and 7 as if she had gained level 6 in the process. This can only be done to skip one piety level - a character cannot make an enormous sacrifice and ascend from piety level 1 to 7. Conversely, a character may also make a partial sacrifice - for example, the Cleric above could make a sacrifice of 10,000 GP, and then within a month, make another sacrifice of 29,700 GP, and gain Piety Level 6. However, the second sacrifice must be made within a month.

    The following table lists the Material Possessions Factor for each base class in Core:

    {table=head]Class Name|Factor

    The following table lists the Material Possessions Factor for those base classes introduced in other books:


    {table=head]Class Name|Factor|Splatbook Name
    Ninja|.25|Complete Adventurer
    Scout|.25|Complete Adventurer
    Spellthief|.5|Complete Adventurer
    Warlock|.75|Complete Arcane
    Warmage|.75|Complete Arcane
    Wu Jen|1|Complete Arcane
    Favored Soul|1|Complete Divine
    Shugenja|1|Complete Divine
    Spirit Shaman|1|Complete Divine
    Ardent|1|Complete Psionic
    Divine Mind|.75|Complete Psionic
    Lurk|.75|Complete Psionic
    Hexblade|.5|Complete Warrior
    Samurai|.25|Complete Warrior
    Swashbuckler|.25|Complete Warrior
    Dragonfire Adept|.75|Dragon Magic
    Psion|1|Expanded Psionics Handbook
    Psychic Warrior|.75|Expanded Psionics Handbook
    Soulknife|.25|Expanded Psionics Handbook
    Wilder|1|Expanded Psionics Handbook
    Archivist|1|Heroes of Horror
    Dread Necromancer|.75|Heroes of Horror
    Incarnate|.5|Magic of Incarnum
    Soulborn|.25|Magic of Incarnum
    Totemist|.5|Magic of Incarnum
    Healer|.75|Miniatures Handbook
    Marshal|.25|Miniatures Handbook
    Beguiler|.75|Player's Handbook II
    Dragon Shaman|.25|Player's Handbook II
    Duskblade|.5|Player's Handbook II
    Knight|.25|Player's Handbook II
    Crusader|.5|Tome of Battle
    Swordsage|.5|Tome of Battle
    Warblade|.5|Tome of Battle
    Binder|.5|Tome of Magic
    Shadowcaster|.75|Tome of Magic
    Truenamer|.25|Tome of Magic
    Battle Dancer|.25|Dragon Compendium
    Death Master|1|Dragon Compendium
    Jester|.75|Dragon Compendium
    Mountebank|.25|Dragon Compendium
    Savant|.5|Dragon Compendium
    Sha'ir|1|Dragon Compendium[/table]

    How to Make a Sacrifice

    Making a sacrifice is relatively easy, but consumes an hour per sacrifice. Three things are needed to make a sacrifice: at least the minimum amount of gold or possessions of appropriate value, a character who follows a deity, and an altar corresponding to the character's deity. Altars may be found in dungeons, ruins, active temples, or many other places.

    Objects can be sacrificed and are worth their market price in gold, unless the character who is making the sacrifice crafted them; then they are worth the amount of gold the character spent on the item.

    The character only need place the objects to be sacrificed on the altar and pray for one hour. Once prayer is finished, the objects vanish in a column of harmless flame and disappear into the deity's realm. The objects cannot be moved during prayer.

    If an altar is not available, any character can construct one given time. Crafting a basic altar requires no checks, as they do not have uniformity in shape, size or even material. Creating an altar of haphazard material takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day, depending on size. Creating a more complicated altar may require Craft checks, and might take much longer.

    Generally, an altar always requires at least 25 gp, to pay for Holy Water to bless the site. A makeshift altar has 10 hit points and hardness 5 (Break DC 13). A solid stone altar has either 90 hit points and hardness 8 (Break DC 38) if crafted of smaller stones, or 540 hit points and hardness 8 (Break DC 50) if hewn directly from a larger stone.

    Piety Decay

    A worshiper who does not continue making sacrifices may eventually find his or her bond with a deity has decayed somewhat. After 1 in-game month of no sacrifices, a character loses 1 Piety Level. If the character makes a sacrifice of at least 1*(character's ECL^2) once per month, his or her Piety will never decrease (unless he or she offends the deity).

    A character can never lose more than 4 Piety Levels through Piety Decay. Characters whose Piety never rose above Level 1 only lose 1 Piety Level; the deity has not invested as much effort in recognizing these characters, and is not offended by their neglect.

    Description of Piety Levels

    Piety Level -7: The deity absolutely detests the character with every fiber of its divine being. It has sent numerous warnings to this character, and still the character offends. At any point, the deity may instantly summon a horde of alignment-dependent servants on the character. This includes Solars for Good-aligned deities, Astral Krakens (Planar Handbook) for Neutral-aligned deities, or Balors/Pit Fiends for Evil-aligned deities. A "horde" is anywhere between 15 and 20 servants. For the purposes of actions, this summoning cannot be interrupted, preempted or delayed by a mortal, such as by contingencies or other actions. The servants only attack the offending character, not his or her comrades, unless they, too, are offending the same deity.

    Piety Level -6: The deity is extremely angry with the character, and now takes active aggression against the character. A bolt of divine energy strikes the character, for (2*ECL)*12 damage. If a character somehow makes him- or herself immune to this damage, they immediately lose another Piety Level (dropping to Piety Level -7).

    Piety Level -5: The deity is very angry with the character, and manipulates reality around the offending character. If the character has items on them, all items instantly turn to dust. If the character has no items, they are afflicted with the intrinsic ability Doomed.

    Piety Level -4: The deity is quite angry with the character, and attempts to teach him or her a lesson. All items the character is carrying become Cursed. If the character has no items on their body which can be Cursed, the character instead is afflicted with the intrinsic ability Cursed.

    Piety Level -3: To the deity's chagrin, the character has either acted repeatedly offensively, or has committed a grave offense. The deity cuts off communication with the character except through sacrifices, and refuses to grant Divine Spellcasters the ability to use their class abilities.

    Piety Level -2: Whether from neglect or offending nature, the deity is angry with the character. Divine Spellcasters at this level cannot pray for spells, and anyone at this level notices they cannot Pray for help from their deity.

    Piety Level -1: The deity is mildly annoyed with the character. This is a sign that the character has possibly done something wrong or offensive toward the deity, but the deity is not yet angry. Divine Spellcasters can still pray for spells, but Prayers are much more difficult to make.

    Piety Level 0: The deity does not particularly care for the character, but has no reason to be angry with them either. They will probably grant a Prayer, and will still grant spells to Divine Spellcasters.

    Piety Level 1: The deity has taken notice of a character's worship, and has accepted a sacrifice. While the deity is more open to Prayers, they take no more action to aid the character.

    Piety Level 2: Recognizing a character's determination in forming (or reforming) a bond, the deity is very pleased with his or her efforts. Divine Spellcasters who once had their spells and abilities taken away from them are granted them once again.

    In addition, a character of Peity Level 2 can place a flask of water on an altar dedicated to their deity, and the deity will turn the water into Holy Water. This blessing functions up to 5 times per day.

    Piety Level 3: The deity is very happy with the character, and sends him or her a spiritual boon. The boon helps the character achieve their goals through manipulating luck to the character's advantage. The character gains the Lucky intrinsic ability.

    Piety Level 4: The deity counts the character among some of its most devoted, and is more willing to take active measures to help the character. Prayers made by characters at Piety Level 4 are less likely to cause the character's Piety to actually drop.

    Piety Level 5: The deity is elated to have the character among its worshipers, and grants yet another boon. Fate smiles upon the character as reality actively changes to aid the character. The character gains the Fate Smiles intrinsic ability.

    Piety Level 6: The deity has become very close to the character - so close that, with an utterance, the character can receive a minor gift in the form of a Bless spell on themselves. Uttering the short prayer to receive the Bless spell is a free action, and the spell lasts for 24 hours.

    Piety Level 7: The deity recognizes the character as an utterly devoted hero. If the character shares the same alignment as the deity, he or she can engage in a 24-hour ritual to communicate with the deity and receive a final gift - once the ritual is complete, the character emerges as the Crowned Champion of the deity.

    Definitions: Cursed? Lucky?

    Cursed Character: The Cursed intrinsic afflicts characters that offend their deity, or find some other way to have luck turn against them. They take a -2 Luck penalty on all saves, attack and damage rolls, skill and ability checks, AC and critical confirmation rolls. The character occasionally feels twinges of hopelessness, generally as a result of their bad luck.

    A character who is Cursed can have their affliction removed with a Remove Curse spell.

    Cursed Item: A Cursed item is somewhat different from the cursed items presented in the SRD. Though they share a name, "cursed items" in this context refer to items that have either been vexed by a deity to deal with an annoying offender, or artifacts that have a negative nature.

    Cursed items have half as much hit points and hardness as normal items (minimum 1). They have -2 to all saves, and attacks made with a cursed weapon deal half as much damage and have a -2 penalty to hit. Cursed items that replicate a spell have a 50% chance of failing to no other effect. In addition, any item that is wielded or worn (such as necklaces, armor, gauntlets and weapons) cannot be taken off until the curse is removed.

    The Remove Curse spell only works on one specific Cursed Item at a time. If used on a creature wearing Cursed Items, Remove Curse only removes one Cursed Item per casting.

    Doomed: The Doomed intrinsic afflicts characters that grievously offend their deity, or find some way to have fate actively rewrite itself against them. The character can only score a critical on a Natural 20, and can only confirm a critical on a Natural 20 as well. Enemies' critical ranges are expanded by one step against the character and gain a +3 Luck bonus to all rolls made in an encounter involving that character. A character who is Doomed feels depressed and may be somewhat nihilistic - the character additionally suffers from a -3 Morale penalty to all rolls.

    In addition, a Doomed character cannot make Prayers. Fate intervenes and disrupts the character's attempt to communicate with their deity. It even interferes with any attempts at becoming a Crowned Champion.

    Lucky: The Lucky intrinsic is granted to characters in very good standing with their deity. The character gains a +1 Luck bonus on all saves, attack and damage rolls, skill and ability checks, AC and critical confirmation rolls.

    Fate Smiles: The Fate Smiles intrinsic is granted to characters in extremely good standing with their deity. All weapons the character uses have their critical range expanded by one step, and if the character would be slain, is instead reduced to 1 HP. This effect can only occur once per day.

    Prayer: A Prayer is a request from a deity to intervene. It is somewhat like the Miracle spell, but much more restricted. If made by a character under Piety Level 4, a Prayer has a 75% chance of reducing the character's Piety Level by 1 if it is granted. Characters above Piety Level 4 have a 50% chance to lose a Piety Level; characters that are Crowned Champions only have a 25% chance.

    If a Prayer is answered but a Piety Level is not lost, the next Prayer made by that character has a 25% greater chance of costing the character a Piety Level.

    A Prayer can do any of the following, but only one per Prayer:

    • Cast a Heal spell on the character
    • Remove a negative level from the character
    • Heal the character of any poisons, diseases, and negative magical effects he or she has
    • Illuminate an entirely dark area permanently, up to 50' x 50'
    • Remove Cursing (Only available to Piety Level 4 and above characters)
    • Recharge a character's magical or psionic abilities*

    • Prepared spellcasters recall a single spell up to his or her maximum spell slot available and may cast it again.
    • Spontaneous spellcasters gain a single bonus spell slot up to his or her maximum spell slot available.
    • Manifesters gain bonus power points equal to their ECL, which must be spent on a single power (any bonus power points not spent on the power are lost).

    Crowned Champion: A Crowned Champion is the highest position among the believers of a deity. A Crowned Champion must adhere to the codes and alignment of his or her deity - to do otherwise is to Fall. In order to achieve the position of Crowned Champion, a character must:
    • Achieve Piety Level 7.
    • Be at least Experience Level 10.
    • Be the same alignment as their deity on both axes (Law-Chaos and Good-Evil).
    • Not be Doomed.

    A character who wishes to become a Crowned Champion and meets all the other prerequisites must enter a state of meditation for 24 hours, during which he or she communes with her deity. The deity sends to the character images of missions he or she may be sent on, of things he or she may or may not do, and of enemies of the deity.

    After the meditation is complete, a character becomes a Crowned Champion for their deity. They become immune to an energy type (see below) and are constantly under the effects of a Bless spell. In addition, once the character has received these boons, they are gifted with a Crowning Gift - an artifact of power.

    A Crowned Champion can Fall from grace, becoming a Fallen Champion. A Fallen Champion is stripped of his or her immunity, Blessing, and Artifact. A Fallen Champion can never become a Crowned Champion again, even of another deity. A Crowned Champion that acts out of line with his or her deity's tenets or alignment, switches deities, or sacrifices his or her Crowning Gift will Fall. However, a Crowned Champion is not at risk of Falling if forced to choose between breaking two tenets, or is forced via compulsion magic or items to change their alignment, deity, or commit an offending action against their own will. A character who willingly commits an act that leads to Falling immediately loses enough Piety levels to gain Piety Level -6.

    A Crowned Champion, once finished with his or her meditation, need not maintain her Piety at Level 7. As long as he or she remains true to the deity's tenets and code, the deity still considers the Champion in good faith.

    The element a character becomes immune to is determined by rolling 1d6 and checking the table below:

    1|Roll again

    Crowning Gift: An Artifact gifted to a character upon completion of their Crowning Meditation.

    Switching Deities

    Switching from one deity to another is a simple matter if a character's piety has never increased: it simply stays the same from one deity to another. However, if a character has increased their piety above Piety Level 0, but has not yet reached Piety Level 3, their Piety becomes 0 if they switch.

    A character whose Piety is above Level 2 but below Level 5 becomes Level -1 with a new deity. Those characters that reached Piety Level 3 before switching are relatively known among deities as a follower of their old deity, and are not trusted as much as unknown newcomers.

    A character whose Piety is Level 5 and above becomes Level -2 with a new deity. Those that were Crowned Champions become Fallen Champions.

    A character forced to switch because of a diety's death or separation from reality instead becomes Piety Level 0 with their new deity, even if they were a Crowned Champion before. A Crowned Champion whose deity can no longer support them loses the abilities of their Crowning and their artifact - however, they can become Crowned again, and once they do, their artifact regains its abilities.

    The process of becoming a Crowned Champion again may only be taken by those Crowned Champions whose deities died, fled reality or are in some other way indisposed to deal with mortals. A Crowned Champion whose Piety Level is at 0 with a new deity due to their own missing deity may make a single sacrifice as if they were Piety Level 6 to regain their abilities as a Crowned Champion for their new deity. They retain their old immunity, their old artifact, and regain their Blessing. No new immunity or artifact is gained.

    Crowning Gifts

    To determine which Crowning Gift a character is granted upon Crowning, roll 1d6 and check the appropriate table below:

    1|Death's Blade

    1|Boots of the Divine Messenger
    2|Cat's Claw
    3|Cloak of Oman
    4|Staff of the Wanderer
    5|Trusted One

    1|Ayla's Holy Scarf
    2|Hammer of the Gods
    5|Shirt of the Saints

    1|Black Thumb
    2|Nature's Companion
    3|Nature's Friend
    5|Staff of the Wanderer

    1|Bracers of War
    2|Death's Blade
    4|Long Sting

    1|Boots of the Divine Messenger
    2|Iron Crown of Havlor
    3|Ring of Immunity
    4|Robes of Resistance
    6|Shirt of the Saints[/table]

    1|Ayla's Holy Scarf
    2|Hammer of the Gods
    5|Perion's Plate Mail
    6|Trusted One[/table]

    1|Boots of the Divine Messenger
    3|Nature's Companion
    4|Nature's Friend
    5|Sun's Messenger
    6|True Aim[/table]

    1|Cloak of Oman
    2|Death's Blade
    3|Serpent's Bite

    1|Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense
    2|Iron Crown of Havlor
    3|Nature's Friend
    4|Ring of Immunity
    5|Staff of the Archmagi
    6|Staff of the Wanderer[/table]

    1|Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense
    2|Nature's Friend
    3|Ring of Immunity
    4|Staff of the Archmagi
    5|Staff of the Archmagi
    6|Staff of the Wanderer[/table]

    Non-Core classes use these same tables. Refer to the following spoiler to determine which:


    Barbarian Table Users
    Totemist, Dragon Shaman

    Bard Table Users
    Spellthief, Lurk, Factotum, Beguiler, Binder, Jester, Savant

    Cleric Table Users
    Favored Soul, Divine Mind, Archivist, Healer, Truenamer, Death Master

    Druid Table Users
    Shugenja, Spirit Shaman

    Fighter Table Users
    Hexblade, Samurai, Psychic Warrior, Incarnate, Duskblade, Knight, Warblade

    Monk Table Users
    Ninja, Soulknife, Battle Dancer

    Paladin Table Users
    Ardent, Soulborn, Marshal, Crusader

    Ranger Table Users

    Rogue Table Users
    Swashbuckler, Swordsage, Mountebank

    Sorcerer Table Users
    Warlock, Dragonfire Adept, Wilder, Shadowcaster

    Wizard Table Users
    Warmage, Wu Jen, Psion, Dread Necromancer, Sha'ir

    Crowning Gifts:

    {table=head]Artifact Name|Weight|Slot|Damage/Armor|Effect
    Death's Blade|50 lbs.|Two-handed Sword|+6 Hit, 6d6+2xStr, 19-20/x2 Crit, Slashing|+4 Dodge AC, Immunity to Death Attacks
    Grod|30 lbs.|Two-handed Hammer|+16 Hit, 5d10+2xStr, 17-20/x2 Crit, Piercing + Bludgeoning|-8 AC, Giantbane, Outsiderbane (Opposite Alignment of wielder), Fire Resistance 20
    Skullcrusher|16 lbs.|One-handed Hammer|+12 Hit, 3d6+2xStr, 19-20/x2 Crit, Bludgeoning|Humanbane, +4 (divine) to Str, +4 Will vs. Confusion
    Vanquisher|40 lbs.|Two-handed Sword|+3 Hit, 5d6+2xStr, 18-20/x2 Crit, Slashing|Considered -bane vs. Everything
    Boots of the Divine Messenger|3 lbs.|Boots|+3 Dodge AC|+5 (divine) to Dex, Immunity to Death Attacks, Paralyzation
    Cat's Claw|1 lb.|Light Dagger|+4 Hit, 2d4+Dex, 19-20/x3 Crit, Piercing or Slashing|+8 (divine) to Dex
    Cloak of Oman|2 lbs.|Cloak|+4 Deflection AC|+8 (divine) to Dex, 3/day Dimension Door
    Staff of the Wanderer|5 lbs.|Two-handed Staff|+6 Deflection AC|+6 (divine) to Con, Electricity Resistance 20, Fire Resistance 20
    Trusted One|8 lbs.|Light Sword|+1 Hit, 2d8+Dex damage, 2x Crit, Slashing or Piercing|+7 Deflection AC, DR 7/-, Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity Resistance 10, +2 Will/Fort saves
    Whirlwind|0.5 lbs.|Sling|+12 Hit, missiles launched do +12 Damage, Range Increment 300 ft.|Fire Resistance 20
    Ayla's Holy Scarf|1 lb.|Neck|+10 AC enhancement|DR 10/Opposed Alignment, +6 (divine) to Cha
    Hammer of the Gods|50 lbs.|Two-handed Hammer|7d6+2xStr, 2x Crit, Bludgeoning|Returning weapon, Electricity Resistance 20
    Justifier|8 lbs.|One-handed Sword|+4 Hit, 3d6+2xStr, 18-20/x2 Crit, Slashing|Undeadbane, Outsiderbane (Opposite Alignment of wielder), becomes 6d10+2xStr, 17-20/x3 Crit if wielded by a Paladin
    Purifier|26 lbs.|One-handed Hammer|+5 Hit, 5d4+2xStr, x2 Crit, Bludgeoning|Undeadbane, Constructbane, Outsiderbane (Opposite Alignment of wielder), +4 (divine) to Wis
    Shirt of the Saints|2 lbs.|Torso (vest)|+8 AC enhancement|DR 4/-, +10 (divine) to Search, +2 Will saves, constant See Invisibility
    Black Thumb|6 lbs.|One-handed Hammer|+1 Hit, 2d6+Str, x2 Crit, Bludgeoning|Immunity to Sleep, Plantbane, +3 (divine) to Con
    Nature's Companion|16 lbs.|Torso (armor)|+2 Armor AC|DR 8/Slashing, +15' enhancement to Speed, Fire/Electricity Resistance 20
    Nature's Friend|10 lbs.|Shield|+6 Shield AC, ACP -1|DR 3/Slashing, Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity Resistance 10, Poison Immunity
    Bracers of War|1 lb.|Wrists|+8 Dodge AC|DR 4/Adamantine, +8 (divine) to Dex, Fast Healing 5, Immunity to Death Attacks, +4 Will vs. Confusion Attacks
    Long Sting|10 lbs.|One-handed Spear|+4 Hit, 3d6+Dex or Str, x3 Crit, Piercing or Slashing|+4 Dodge AC, +6 (divine) to Spot/Listen/Search
    Protector|6 lbs.|Shield|+20 AC Shield, ACP -3|+2 (Divine) to Con, DR 4/Adamantine
    Iron Crown of Havlor|9 lbs.|Head|+12 AC|DR 12/Adamantine
    Ring of Immunity|0 lbs.|Finger (Ring)|+5 Deflection AC|DR 5/-, Immunity to Fire/Acid/Cold/Electricity
    Robes of Resistance|8 lbs.|Body|-|DR 12/-, -4 Hit, +5 (divine) to Con, Fire/Acid/Electricity Resistance 10
    Shezestriakis|1 lb.|Hands|+15 Deflection AC|DR 3/-, -15 to Hit, Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity Resistance 20, Poison Immunity, Cursed*
    Perion's Plate Mail|60 lbs.|Torso (armor)|+13 Armor AC|Fire/Acid Resistance 30
    Bugbiter|11 lbs.|Two-handed Spear|+1 Hit, 4d8+2xStr, x3 Crit, Piercing|Verminbane, Immunity to Poison, +3 (divine) to Dex
    Sun's Messenger|4 lbs.|Bow|+15 Hit, 3d12+Dex, x3 Crit, Piercing|Automatically adjusts to user's Str, Range Increment 100 ft.
    True Aim|0 lbs.|Arrow|+10 Hit|Inflicts +15d6 damage, never breaks
    Serpent's Bite|1 lb.|Light Dagger|+3 Hit, +3d4+Dex, 17-20/x2 Crit, Piercing|Humanoidbane**, Immunity to Poison, always coated in Viper poison (Fort DC 14+wielder's Con mod, 1d6 Con Initial/Secondary)
    Executor|12 lbs.|One-handed Axe|+2 Hit, 5d6+Str, x2 Crit, Slashing|Outsiderbane (Opposite Alignment of wielder), Humanbane, +3 (divine) to Str, +4 Will saves
    Farslayer|47 lbs.|Two-handed Crossbow|+18 Hit, 4d8+Dex, 18-20/x2 Crit, Piercing|Range Increment 500 ft.
    Kinslayer|10 lbs.|One-handed Sword|+3 Hit, 4d6+2xStr, 19-20/x2 Crit, Slashing|-Bane vs. Wielder's type or subtype, Cursed*
    Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense|4 lbs.|Cloak|+3 Deflection AC|DR 3/-, Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity Resistance 20, permanent Invisibility
    Staff of the Archmagi|5 lbs.|Two-handed Staff|+9 AC enhancement|Acts as Ring of Wizardry for Max Spell Level -1, even for Spontaneous, +2 Will vs. Sleep, Confusion, Acid Resistance 10[/table]

    **Humanoidbane: This weapon is considered to be a Bane weapon against all humanoids.

    A Note: Sacrifices and Vow of Poverty

    Because Vow of Poverty essentially eschews a character's wealth for bonuses, it can be a hassle balancing bonuses granted from the Vow with those gained from sacrificing accumulated wealth to a deity.

    A character may only be allowed to sacrifice half his or her accumulated wealth to a deity for the purposes of increasing Piety, or he or she may be barred from sacrificing any. Because this action only benefits his or her own standing with the deity, the rest (or all, if he or she is barred from making sacrifices) must be donated in the normal fashion of the Vow.

    Another Note: Sacrifices and Ill-Gotten Gains

    Deities are more aware than some may think. Those that choose to attempt to placate a deity with easily-gotten treasure, such as through selling Wall of Iron or Pillar of Salt as base materials (or by sacrificing the Wall itself), may find themselves drawing more ire than piety. A deity may, instead of outright disliking or growing agitated with a worshiper, choose to reject the sacrifice, and let the worshiper know the error of his or her ways.

    If a deity rejects a sacrifice, the sacrifice is not completed and the material possessions remain on the altar, free for the worshiper to retrieve. As many deities will exclaim to worshipers attempting to prove their piety with easily-replaced objects, "THOU SHALT TAKE PAINS TO PROVE THY DEVOTION!" and "WHAT A MEDIOCRE SIGN OF DEVOTION. IMPROVE!" Generally, any object created by a spell effect that is subsequently sold or sacrificed is considered to be an "easily replaced object". Wall of Iron, Salt, or items created via Minor/Major/True Creation are not acceptable sacrifices; items crafted via Item Crafting feats are.

    Final note:

    I would greatly appreciate input on the math side of this. I think the equations work well, but I haven't really gotten the chance to check more than the examples given.

    Some of the artifacts may seem broken or absurdly powerful, but I am sort of assuming, at least with all the restrictions and requirements it takes to become a Crowned Champion, they would be quite a reward and not as absurdly powerful as they seem.
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    Default Re: [3.5 New Rules Idea] Piety

    Prayer could use some improvement. a lot.

    For one, a Champion of the deity gets title removed just because she asked for something as weak as a heal spell?
    A chance of it simply not working would be better.

    Multiple use of Prayer is where things like irritation start to become a factor with the deity.

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    Default Re: [3.5 New Rules Idea] Piety

    Quote Originally Posted by Cipherthe3vil View Post
    Prayer could use some improvement. a lot.

    For one, a Champion of the deity gets title removed just because she asked for something as weak as a heal spell?
    A chance of it simply not working would be better.

    Multiple use of Prayer is where things like irritation start to become a factor with the deity.
    Oh, oops, forgot to clarify that. Once you get to Level 7 and become the Crowned Champion, you don't lose it for losing Piety Levels until somewhere in the negatives - I'll have to go scrounge around to figure out where that is. Actually, I just checked the guidebook for the game, and apparently you don't Fall even if your deity is extremely annoyed with you.
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