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    Default Why me? [3.5 Template] PEACH


    A Curseborn character is someone who has been unfortunate enough to be the victim of an outsider's displeasure. Maybe their mother made a deal that she failed to uphold, maybe it's a generational thing. No matter what caused it, curseborn carry this mark around for as long as they live, which is quite a while.

    Curseborn can be of any alignment. Some try to attone for whatever cause them to be curseborn, while others rage at the world that let it happen.

    Double Age Category limits, except for maturity (Ex. a human curseborn reaches middle age at 70, Old age at 140, Venerable at 140, and has a maximum age of 140 + 4d20)
    +2 to two stats, one of the player's choice, and one of the DM's choice. These must be different stats. If this template is applied to an NPC, the DM chooses twice.
    -4 to one stat, DM's Choice
    +1 on Fortitude Saves
    +2 on Will Saves
    +2 on Use Magic Device and Spellcraft, both are always class skills
    +4 racial bonus vs. bestow curse and variants thereof
    LA +1
    CR +0


    This idea just popped into my head a few minutes ago. It seemed like a good idea to me.

    The reason that there is choice on which stats are affected is because no two curses are identical. I figured that having some player choice was a good motivation to take the template, but the DM choice allows good reason to be cautious.
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    Default Re: Why me? [3.5 Template] PEACH

    So if I'm not mistaken, the "curse" is reflected by the -4 penalty the DM picks. Have you tried the curses (dying curse,family curses) in the Book of Vile Darkness. You could make them be permanently under a bestow curse (or greater curse spell) in the core description or one of the many alternate curses floating around and balance it around with other mechanical bonuses for LA +0.
    eg. Cursed (Su): A cursed character is permanently affected by a Bestow Curse spell, at the DM's discretion if it affects an ability score. This curse cannot be removed by any means, not even a Wish or Miracle spell.
    Against my misfortune (Ex): Coping with his curse, a Cursed character can once per day reroll any dice result.
    +2 to all saves
    +4 to any one ability score, except the one affected by the curse

    Maybe it's balanced, just off the top of my head.
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