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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Tinkerer (PEACH)

    I fulfill requests. I had a request for a bloodline based on the Engineer, one of the coolest pieces of homebrewing I've seen. Seriously. Mad scientist. About as cool as Mad Biologist. And so I give you:


    "I'm sorry, ma'am... We believe your son has... The Knack."
    "Gasp! Is it treatable?"
    "Sadly no. He'll likely spend the rest of his life tinkering with things, making inane contraptions. We're very sorry."

    Tinkerers were born with an affinity for mechanics and technology. They're just good with it. Often they become Engineers, though about as often they do not. Many see that they're knowledge is already extensive enough and content themselves with their natural tinkering whereas others seek further mastery of the sciences. Either way, these individuals have a tendency to leave destruction, chaos and animated toasters in their wake.

    1 Craft +2
    2 Craft +2 Tinker
    3 Intelligence +1
    4 Craft +2 Tinker Natural Vocation
    5 Engineer Affinity +2
    6 Intelligence +1 Analytical Eye
    7 Disable Device +2
    8 Tinker Natural Vocation Natural Vocation
    9 Dexterity +1
    10 Engineer Affinity +2 Improvisation
    11 Engineer Affinity +4
    12 Intelligence +1 Analytical Eye Natural Vocation
    13 Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) +2
    14 Disable Device +2 The Device Has Been Modified
    15 Wisdom +1
    16 Natural Vocation Natural Vocation Natural Vocation
    17 Engineer Affinity +6
    18 Dexterity +1 Helpful Robot
    19 Appraise +2
    20 Engineer Affinity +2 Improvisation Natural Vocation, Robotic Swarm

    Tinker: Tinkerers like to tinker. What a surprise. The double their Int bonus to Craft checks and do not require proper facilities for crafting mundane objects (Does not include those that you can create thanks to Vocations).

    Natural Vocation: Tinkerers are smart. Again, big surprise. They learn a number of Vocations drawn from the Engineer's Vocation list. To select a Vocation with prerequisites, they must fulfill said prerequisites. Natural Vocations and the Vocations gained from levels in Engineer are kept separate from one another - one does not count towards the other for the purpose of prerequisites. In addition the Tinkerer has a Natural Innovation pool which may only be used on features and vocations from this bloodline. This pool is equal to 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 the Tinkerer's level, depending on bloodline strength and is, again, kept separate from the Innovation pool of an Engineer. This pool refreshes with 8 hours of rest and saves for Vocations are Int based.

    Engineer Affinity: Engineers and craftspeople aren't the most social bunch. But they do respect their own. The Tinkerer's natural skill with technology earns him high standing with these individuals. The Tinkerer gains a bonus on all social interaction checks with individuals that have the Crafter Extraordinaire class feature or five or more ranks in a Craft skill.

    Analytical Eye: Tinkerers are good at looking at things and knowing how they work. And how best to take them apart. Though they do focus a bit more on mechanics and items rather than on... fleshy things. When encountered with a complex object or machination, such as a trap, the Tinkerer may make a check composed of 1d20 + Int mod + 1/4, 1/2 or 1X level, depending on bloodline strength against the Disable Device DC of the trap or contraption if it has one or, lacking said DC, against the Craft DC. Success yields basic information on the gizmo (You pull this lever and spikes shoot out) as well as a +5 bonus on attempts to Disable it. Using Analytical Eye requires you to be able to see the object in question, takes a full-round action and one Natural Innovation Point. This ability may also be applied to Magic Items with a DC of 10+CL. If successful, it is as if the Tinkerer had cast Identify on it.

    Improvisation: You don't always have a full-blown lab. As an adventurer, you rarely do. Tinkerers never really had a lab to start with. They've always made do with what they had at hand. Not only do they not need proper facilities for creating mundane items, they no longer require the raw materials. And they can make them really fast. By spending one Natural Innovation Point for each 5gp in the item's market price, the Tinkerer may piece together the item from random bits (Longswords from scrap metal and wooden debris, shields from logs and vines, etc.). Doing so takes one minute per 5gp and requires at least rudimentary tools. Items created in this way are obviously thrown together (You don't need an Appraise check to realize they aren't worth much) and they fall apart after 24 hours.

    The Device Has Been Modified: Magic items are just another kind of invention. Tinkerers like inventions. And what do Tinkerers do? They tinker. They gain the ability to spend an amount of Natural Innovation Points to temporarily change the enchantments on armor or weapons. For each 1 NIP they spend, they can swap out a +1 enhancement worth of special abilities for an equal amount for 3 rounds. So by spending four they may change +4 worth for three rounds, +2 worth for 6 rounds, or +1 worth for 12 rounds.

    Helpful Robot: It's amazing what technology can do these days. Like make an everything-robot. By spending 4 NIP the Tinkerer may cast Fantastic Machine (From the Spell Compendium) as a spell-like ability with a CL equal to their level.

    Robotic Swarm: Robots. Robots everywhere. The Tinkerer may choose to spend 4 IP to turn a number of objects into robots. This functions as an Animate Objects spell with a CL equal to the Tinkerer's level except that the casting time is one minute, requires the Tinkerer to interact with all objects to be Animated and has a duration of 1 minute/CL.

    As I slowly make way through my giant to-do list... Requests and suggestions still welcome as always.
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    Default Re: [3.5e Bloodline] Tinkerer (PEACH)

    This is good. A quite elegant way to combine the class and a bloodline. Nice work!
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