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    Default rough draft for a vampire PC homebrew

    greetings playgrounders,

    I have a player who has begged me repeatedly to be able to play a vampire. this is typically unworkable due to the absolutlely massive LA.

    so, in light of the fact I do not possess savage species, I have set out to create for him, a "vampire monster class" until such a time as I DO possess Savage Species.

    here's the breakdown.

    I looked at what vampires gain (spoiler 1)
    I looked at what vampires "lose" (or cons to being a vampire, spoiler 2)
    I then did my best to spread out these benefits over the course of 8 levels (spoiler 3)

    this is an extrem rough draft and I would like some feedback on it.

    for the record. there is a standing rule in every group I DM, if I do not personally possess a sourcebook, it is off the table, banned. period. online supplements, PDFs, or anything NOT defined as "in my posession, in real life" is off the table.

    please refrain from making suggestions as such. (such as directing me to an online savage species thing. I will ignore it.)

    having looked at the SRD. here's all the goodies vampires get.


    Vampires gain
    D12 HD
    Natural armor + 6
    Slam attack – 1d6
    Special attacks at DC 10 + ½ vampire HD + cha modifier with exceptions
    - Blood drain – can deal 1d4 points of constitution drain with grapple checks. Gaining 5 temp hp
    - Children of the night – command rats, bats, and wolves.
    - Dominate – gaze attack. As the spell
    - Create spawn – humanoids and monstrous humanoids slain by energy drain rise as minions 1d4 days after burial
    - Energy drain – living creatures hit by a vampire’s slam attack gain 2 negative levels.
    - Alternate form – can shape shift into a bat/dire bat, wolf, dire wolf
    - Damage reduction – 10 silver and magic
    Natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for overcoming damage reduction
    Fast healing 5
    Gaseous form if reduced to 0 hit points
    Can assume gaseous form at will as the spell
    Cold/electricity resistance 10
    Spider climb as an extraordinary ability
    Turn resistance +4
    Ability increase: str +6, dex +4, int +2, wis +2, cha +4 has no con score
    Feats: alertness, combat reflexes, dodge, improved initiative, lightning reflexes, assuming base creature meets pre-reqs

    and here's a look at the cons of being a vampire.

    Vampires con
    Cannot tolerate the strong odor of garlic, will not enter area laced with it.
    Recoil from mirrors and holy symbols – must stay 5 feet away and cannot attack holder
    Unable to cross running water
    Unable to enter home or other building unless invited by someone with authority to do so.
    Special death rules.
    Always evil

    and here is my (most likely horrible) attempt to spread these out fairly over the course of 8 levels

    Level 1
    Vampire body – alignment, natural attack, weaknesses, gaseous form if reduced to 0 hit points, turn resistance + 4, alertness

    Level 2
    Natural armor + 1, damage reduction 2 str + 2, combat reflexes

    Level 3
    Spider climb, str + 2, dex + 2,cha + 2 dr + 2 resistance 5 natural armor + 1 fast healing 1, dodge

    Level 4
    Natural armor + 1, str + 2, dex + 2, int + 2, wis + 2 cha + 2 blood drain, improved intiative

    Level 5
    Natural armor + 1 fast healing 3, dr + 2, full resistance
    Level 6
    Alternate form, children of the night

    Level 7
    Dead level

    Level 8
    All remaining vampire abilities.

    I am open to the idea of spreading the abilities out over the course of up to 10 levels, but I view anything less than 8 being to powerful to quickly. especially given the optimization level of the group.

    thoughts on what I've managed to whip up in the past 15 minutes/half hour or so?

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    Default Re: rough draft for a vampire PC homebrew

    Eh, seems like a lot of the stuff gets pushed to the last level. That said, there have been many other makes of a Vampire monster class, and this one is particularly good for PCs looking to be a Vampire PC for their entire adventuring career.
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