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    Default Yet Another Monk Fix (3.5)




    Full BAB:

    6 + int skill points


    Martial Artist (Lvl 1) : Use Dexterity instead of Strength while using monk weapons or unarmed strikes.

    Focused Strike (Lvl 3) : Add Wisdom Bonus to Damage with Monk weapons or your Unarmed strikes.

    Trained Body (Lvl 4) : At 4th lvl the Monk's strict training provides him with a Natural Armor Bonus of +1. This bonus increases every 4 levels and Stacks with the Monks other Bonus

    Mind over Matter (Lvl 6) : At 6th lvl the Monk gains a bonus equals to his Wis modifier to his Grapple. Trip AND Disarm checks.

    Jump Kick (Lvl 10) : When a monk charges using an unarmed strike he ignores all kind of difficult terrain.


    So what i did basically was combine a bunch of the features from The swashbucler and adapt them to the monk
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