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Thread: Plan for Class

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    Default Plan for Class

    I'm just starting as a DM in D&D v3.5, but my players want a new prestige class that fits with a campaign for the next session. They've just been invited to a council of druids after slaying Blödgarm, a renegade drow obsessed with killing the dryads (P.S They gained a level). Now, I have a few ideas, but they aren't exactly developed yet and I could use some help with the stats.
    Elemental Guardian
    Have the player choose a type of elemental damage, and have various bonuses move from there.
    First level: Elemental Attune.
    Gains resistance to chosen element 5, more to come.

    Can incubate different types of fungi in specific places (e.g dead plantlife, dead organic material, in own flesh) that grant differing effects.
    Can plant 1 spore/level a day, and effects vary
    Spore 1: Toughening Fungi
    Touch Range: Grants +1 Natural Armour/hour/level/3 (As in, +1 natural armour per three class levels per hour, lasts for (class level) hours. Bonuses stack. Minimum bonus of +1)
    Spore 2: Regenerative Fungi:
    Heals 1hp/level/hour. Lasts for (class level) hours. (If healing would go over, hp becomes temporary hit points and are lost first)
    Spore 3: Fungal Poison:
    Touch attack on a wounded foe, deals 1d3 Con damage per hour, if foe dies before effect is up, an edible fungi grows that gives a +1 bonus to Constitution per hour remaining (round up). Lasts for (class level/4) hours, minimum 1.
    More Fungi to be added.

    Planar Guardian
    Bonuses against summoned units and non-material plane creatures.
    First Level: Planar Smite
    Add 1d6+Cha modifier to all damage against creatures not fro the material plane inc. elementals and Displacer beasts.
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