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    Default extradimensional space

    what sources exist of extradimensional space -- spells, cheap items, and such. I'm counting gloves of storing and the like as extradimensional space because they still allow one to carry more stuff than space allows.

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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    Bags of holding
    Portable hole
    Handy Haversack
    Infinite scroll case?

    Why are you looking for this list?

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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    Mirror of Life Trapping from the SRD. Curiously, a Bag of Holding is a nondimensional space, though the rules never make a distinction between the two. Other nondimensional items include the Efficient Quiver. Portable Holes are both extra- and nondimensional.
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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    Rope Trick
    Psychoportive Shelter
    Magnificent Mansion
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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    Belt of many pockets.
    Familiar pouch?
    Gloves of storing (like you mentioned) / Casting glove.
    Ring of arming.
    Cloak of weaponry.
    Wand bracelet.
    Leomund's secret chest.
    Travel cloak (technically, since it folds out into a tent).
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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    My two favorite:
    Gloves of the master strategist
    Enveloping pit

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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    Secret Chest hides the chest on the ethereal plane.
    Gloves of Storing only shrink the item.
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    Default Re: extradimensional space

    If you want to go big, there is the Genesis spell & psionic power from 3.5, and the Create Demiplane set of spells from Pathfinder
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