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    Default Digital RPGs help

    Hello everyone,

    my gaming group is getting older, life is hitting us a bit more, we have different responsibilities these days, some do not live nearby anymore, and we are trying to see how we can do some gaming online.

    I have been looking up some information, but would like the opinion of the community.

    What programs have you used? did you need to run several programs at a time? how easy was it to learn for everyone(learning curve)? how much did it cost?

    I have been thinking of using Google+ hangout feature (group video chat that is very simple to use) assuming whatever program you guys recommend doesn't include it somehow.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for your opinions.

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    Default Re: Digital RPGs help

    I did the same thing, distances started getting in the way of finding a good local gaming group, so I switched online.

    I started off on "GameTable" - from sourceforge ... not a bad, minimal online table .. however, I've recently switched to MapTool (http://rptools.net/) .. and wow, nice program .. simple enough for those who want it, complex enough for those who want to go above and beyond ...

    That site also has gaming group searches, so you can find online groups that use that tool as well ...

    [edit]FYI total cost: $0 [/edit]
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