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    Default Sorcerer fix/boost (3.5 Core, PEACH)

    This is meant as part of my general balance fix, giving sorcerers a bit of a boost to help them compete with wizards (albeit with a somewhat different flavor) as well as make them a more interesting class. In this fix, sorcerers gain the following bonuses.

    -A sorcerer may choose to learn one of his spells known with one or more metamagic effects (including Quicken Spell if he so desires). If he does so, it takes a Spells Known slot as its level including the metamagic cost, and he may not cast the spell without the metamagic effect (unless he learns it in that form as a seperate spell known), but he may (and must) apply the effect to that spell without spending the extra time for casting the spell spontaneously.
    A sorcerer does not need the relevant metamagic feat in order to learn and cast a spell affected in this manner by Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Silent Spell, or Still Spell, but does require the relevant feat to cast (but not to learn) a spell affected by Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, or Widen Spell.

    -A sorcerer may use Charisma rather than Intelligence as the key ability score for the Spellcraft skill.

    Child of Magic (level 1, Su)
    A sorcerer is naturally magical in a way that few other beings are. He gains spell resistance equal to 5+class level. This spell resistance can be lowered or raised as a free action, even when it is not his turn. Furthermore, Spell Penetration gives no bonus on checks to penetrate this spell resistance.
    In addition, if any spell or spell-like ability is resisted by this ability, the sorcerer may make a spellcraft check (DC 15+spell level) in order to learn the spell (including any metamagic applied to it), adding it to his spells known. If the spell is not on his class list, the DC is doubled, and he loses knowledge of the spell after 1d4 rounds.
    Holding on to a large amount of spell knowledge is difficult, however. One hour after learning a spell in this manner (if it was on his class list), the sorcerer must make a Charisma check each hour (DC=10+spell level). If he succeeds, he may keep the spell, but must make another check in another hour, with the DC increasing by 2 each hour. If he fails the check, he loses knowledge of the spell. He may choose to lose a different spell instead, in which case the new spell takes the place of the lost spell.
    If the sorcerer was the spell's only target, he may also attempt to absorb the resisted spell. If he does so, he must make a Charisma check (DC=15+1/2 spell level, rounded down). If he is successful, he may choose one of the following three effects:
    1. The sorcerer heals 1d6 damage per spell level. Any additional points above his maximum are gained as temporary hit points that fade after 1 hour.
    2. The sorcerer regains one spell slot of the level of the absorbed spell or lower.
    3. The sorcerer removes negative conditions affecting him, up to an amount "bought" by the levels of the negated spell:
    -Each point of ability damage affecting him may be removed for 1 spell level, -The Dazed, Dazzled, Fatigued, and Sickened conditions may be removed for 1 spell level each
    -Blindness, deafness, exhaustion, nausea, and stunning may be removed for 3 spell levels each
    -Confusion and insanity may be removed for 5 spell levels each, as may anything removable with Remove Curse (including Mummy Rot, for which no caster level check is necessary)
    -If the sorcerer is affected by poison or disease (excluding Mummy Rot), he may "spend" one spell level to gain an extra saving throw (with no penalties for failure) at the effect's normal DC, and a +2 bonus on the save for each additional spell level spent. If he succeeds on the save, the effect is removed even if it would normally require more effects to remove it.

    Attempting to absorb a spell is risky, however; if the sorcerer fails his Charisma check, he takes 1d6 damage per spell level.

    For purposes of this ability and all sorcerer special abilities, metamagic effects do increase a spell's level just as they increase the required spell slot.

    Neutralize Magic (level 5, Su)
    A sorcerer can use his magical nature to interfere with the spellcasting of others. This ability may be used at will, and works just like an uncapped Dispel Magic (using a class level check instead of the caster level check) used as a counterspell. It may not be used to dispel an existing effect.
    If a sorcerer successfully neutralizes a spell, he may make a spellcraft check to learn it, just as if he had resisted it with his Child of Magic ability.
    Spell-like abilities may be neutralized just like spells.

    Enhanced Sorcerer Abilities (level 10, 15, 20, Su)
    At level 10, and every 5 levels afterward, a sorcerer may gain one of the following abilities:
    -Draw Magic: A sorcerer may use his Neutralize Magic ability to attempt to dispel a single existing spell. He takes a -5 penalty on his class level check for this purpose. Alternatively, he may attempt to use Neutralize Magic as a Remove Curse spell, but to do so he requires a class level check (DC 11+spell level of cursing spell+caster level of cursing spell) with a -5 penalty. This ability may not be combined with any other Enhanced Sorcerer Ability except for Explosive Neutralization.
    -Redirect Magic: A sorcerer may attempt to use Neutralize Magic to change the targeting of a spell rather than countering it. The new target must have been a valid target for the original spell. Area targeting can be affected by this ability. This ability may not be used in conjunction with Draw Magic, Explosive Neutralization, or Absorb Magic.
    -Explosive Neutralization: A sorcerer may attempt to explosively release the magic of a neutralized spell. If he chooses to do so, and successfully neutralizes the spell, it creates a 5' burst around the caster that does 1d6 damage per spell level. The caster is not entitled to a save to resist the damage, but all other individuals caught in the burst may make a reflex save (DC=10+1.5Xspell level, rounded down) to take half damage. This ability may not be used in conjunction with Redirect Magic or Absorb Magic. If it is used in conjunction with Draw Magic the sorcerer takes an additional -5 penalty to his class level check, and the damage done is multiplied by the portion of the spell's duration that remains.
    -Absorb Magic: If a sorcerer successfully neutralizes a spell, he may attempt to absorb it, just as if he had resisted it with his Child of Magic ability and was the only target. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with Draw Magic, Redirect Magic, or Explosive Neutralization.
    -Cautious Absorption: A sorcerer can learn to absorb magic in a safer manner. If a sorcerer with this ability fails, by less than 5 points, a charisma check to absorb magic, he takes no damage.
    -Reactionary Neutralization: A sorcerer with this ability may, once per round, use Neutralize Magic as a free action, even on an opponent's turn. The turn after he does so, he loses his standard action (but may take a move action as normal.)

    An epic sorcerer does not gain additional Enhanced Sorcerer Abilities every 5 levels, but may gain one instead of a bonus feat.
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