SO, some of you may have seen my question thread in the d20 subforum about splitting druids in half.

for those of you not familair with this. i was pondering taking away WIldshaping from the druid and creating a whole new class that wildshaping was his whole thing.

I thought about giving this new class (the Primal) for lack of cooler name right now. Spells but I relized spells didn't seem very.. primal or essence-ie. but then I remember Warlock and their invocation and though Hmm.. that would be perfect. give the Primal soem invocations. soem fo them actually work for the Primal such as Devil's sight ( see in darkness like a cat rawr!), earthen grasp, voidsense, and wall of perilous flame. - of course altered to be more.. nature-esque.

I need help thinking up a few more invocation and would be appreciative if you all would help in this endeavor :)