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    Default [PF[ Critting with a Maneuver

    In Pathfinder, Combat Maneuvers are attack rolls. By extension this means they can potentially become a critical hit. But...what does it MEAN to have a successful maneuver be a critical hit?

    If I'm using a Heavy Flail (with Improved Critical feat to give it 17-20 crit range) and I roll a 17 (and the nubmer is higher than the CMD of the target) and I confirm the crit, should the enemy's weapon be thrown EXTRA far away or something? Should a bullrusher gain an extra 5ft of push? Should a Trip attempt result in...a free melee attack from the Tripper or perhaps a lost Movr Action on the victim?

    I'm not sure if there's an official ruling on it, but I'd like ot hear some ideas.

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    Default Re: [PF[ Critting with a Maneuver

    Well, I guess the only effect of a critical would be that you do more damage. So if the maneuver doesn't deal damage, the critical hit is the same as a regular hit (which would be consistent with 3.5 mechanics).

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    Default Re: [PF[ Critting with a Maneuver

    Mucco is right.

    However, I like the idea of adding an extra "effect" to when you critically hit with a combat maneuver. I would discuss it with your DM and see if he/she goes for it. In fact, I might just adapt that into my game. I never really thought about it, and people don't really use them. Maybe if they know what happens when they crit on a trip they might use them more often.
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    Default Re: [PF[ Critting with a Maneuver

    The core book already covers natural 20's and combat maneuvers in the combat maneuver section, natural 20 is a hit natural 1 is a miss. Combat maneuvers done as part of an attack (specifically the ones that do damage) do have a chance to crit but others do not.

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