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    Default Yet another blaster

    There seem to be a rush of blaster base classes lately. This one's been sitting in my notes, so I thought I'd post it.

    level bab fort ref will special power points powers learned
    1 0 0 0 2 resistance 2 3 Detect Psionics, Energy Ray
    2 1 0 0 3 shape: bent 9 Control Flames, Mind Thrust
    3 1 1 1 3 resistance 2/2 16 Energy Missile
    4 2 1 1 4 energy: light 25 Energy Push, Energy Stun
    5 2 1 1 4 resistance 5/2 37 Energy Cone
    6 3 2 2 5 shape: convex subset 52 Energy Bolt, Energy Wall
    7 3 2 2 5 resistance 5/5 69 Energy Ball
    8 4 2 2 6 energy: force 87 Weapon of Energy, Telekinetic Maneuver
    9 4 3 3 6 resistance 5/5/5 108 Energy Current
    10 5 3 3 7 shape: concave subset 132 Hail of Crystals, Energy Shield*
    11 5 3 3 7 resistance 10/5/5 159 Breath of the Black Dragon
    12 6 4 4 8 energy: piercing slashing or bludgeoning 189 Chain energy*, Disintegrate
    13 6 4 4 8 resistance 10/10/5 220 Ultrablast
    14 7 4 4 9 shape: holes 255 Energy Conversion, Energy Wave
    15 7 5 5 9 resistance 10/10/10 292 Telekinetic Sphere
    16 8 5 5 10 energy: hellfire 331 Sunburst*, Energetic Cloud
    17 8 5 5 10 resistance 10/10/10/10 375 Tornado Blast
    18 9 6 6 11 shape: distorted 420 Meteor Swarm*, Reality Revision
    19 9 6 6 11 resistance Immunity/10/10/10 466 any
    20 10 6 6 12 energy: necrotic 514 any, any

    Powers marked with a star are actually spells, but you use them as powers. For those renamed "energy", add the energy-change and augmentation language from energy ray.

    HD: d4
    Skills: 2+int
    Class Skills: Autohypnosis, Concentration, Intimidate, Knowledge (psionics), Psicraft
    Psionics are cha-based

    resistance: You are so tied up in energy that it doesn't hurt you as much. You start with resistance 2 to fire, cold, electricity or sonic, and this increases every other level as shown until you are immune to one of these four and have resistance 10 to the others. You choose in what order to gain resistances, but can never decrease one you have already chosen.

    shape: You can reshape your emenations when it makes sense to do so. Specifically:
    • bent: when a power originates from you and goes outward in a direction, you may cause it to turn once, anywhere along its length, by any angle
    • convex subset: when a power targets an area, you may reduce the area. The new area must be convex. If the old area needed to touch you, the new one does as well.
    • concave subset: like convex subset, but need not be convex
    • holes: you can leave areas of unaffected space in the middle of your area-effect powers
    • distorted: you may apply any dimension-preserving volume-preserving-or-decreasing linear transformation to your areas of effect

    energy: When a power allows you to choose between fire, cold, electricity or sonic, you gain other options as well:
    • light: reduce each die by one; shadows take double damage, prismatic dragons and radiant creatures take none; any creature that take more than 15 points of light damage are treated as being "in bright daylight"
    • force: reduce each die by two, to a minimum of zero; this power no longer allows a save; effects incorporeal beings reliably
    • piercing, slashing or bludgeoning: no special properties
    • hellfire: reduce each die by three, to a minimum of one; like fire, but ignores fire resistance and immunity
    • necrotic: instead of dealing hp damage, each two dice do one point of ability damage to the physical score of your choice
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    Default Re: Yet another blaster

    That... is a truly impressive amount of power points. I guess you'll be augmenting each power to full, but still...

    Resistances scale at an odd rate. Conventionally, they're in increments of 5.

    The Shape abilities are worded somewhat strangely, especially Bent (I assume you're talking about lines?) and the Convex/Concave (not really sure what you mean). Try looking at the Sculpt Spell feat for ideas here.

    I like the idea of additional energy substitutions. "Light" energy is kind of strange, though... do you mean positive energy? Or "light" as in "Searing Light," which is untyped (and thus, not resisted against by anything). The physical damage set could use some wording about whether or not damage resistance applies. Hellfire is terrible; you're losing half the damage for a net effect that you can already get with Sonic (-1 damage, nothing really resists) or Force (-2 damage, no resistances, hits incorporals, and NO SAVES?... that's mildly insane). Necrotic doesn't really fit the flavor of the rest of the class.

    As for the power list... some of the powers you have on there, like Mind Thrust, Ultrablast, and Control Fire, don't quite fit the "energy damage only" theme you have going. On the other hand, it might not go amiss to add a smattering of utility powers/powers of your choice. Even the warmage gets Eclectic Learning, after all.

    An ability to boost the save DCs against your powers might not go amiss.
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