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    Default Kheshig (mounted archer, 3.5 base class)

    The Kheshig

    I am the flail of the heavens. You must be a very great sinner that I have been sent against you.
    -- A leader of Kheshigs

    The way of the Kheshig is speed and precision. Speed of movement on a powerful mount and precision of fire with a deadly bow. Armies of Kheshigs dominate the open plains, but there is no place to take them lightly.

    level fort ref will bab special
    1 2 2 0 1 shot on the run; mount bond
    2 3 3 0 2 mount awareness; point blank shot
    3 3 3 1 3 share saves; AC bonus
    4 4 4 1 4 flanking maneuver
    5 4 4 1 5 sudden strike 1d6
    6 5 5 2 6 greater shot on the run
    7 5 5 2 7 battle frenzy (1 atk, 1/day)
    8 6 6 2 8 feigned retreat; arrow's supremacy
    9 6 6 3 9 sudden strike 2d6
    10 7 7 3 10 bonus feat
    11 7 7 3 11 battle frenzy (1 atk, 3/day)
    12 8 8 4 12 terrifying charge
    13 8 8 4 13 sudden strike 3d6
    14 9 9 4 14 bonus feat
    15 9 9 5 15 battle frenzy (2 atk, 3/day)
    16 10 10 5 16 overpowered shot
    17 10 10 5 17 sudden strike 4d6
    18 11 11 6 18 bonus feat
    19 11 11 6 19 battle frenzy (2 atk, 5/day)
    20 12 12 6 20 combined attack

    Hit die: d10
    Skills: 6+int
    Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), Listen, Ride, Search, Spot, Survival, Tumble, Use Rope
    Proficiencies: all simple or martial weapons, light armor

    mount bond(su): You form a very close relationship with your mount. Forming this relationship takes 8 hours during which you and your mount must be uninterrupted. Alternatively, calling forth and bonding with a mount takes 24 hours during which you must be uninterupted and in the creatures' habitat (except for outsider mounts, which are treated as native of everywhere). The type of creature you can bond with depends on your class level and sometimes alignment:

    mount level alignment
    Camel 1
    Horse, Heavy 1
    Warhorse, Light 1
    Warhorse, Heavy 3
    Direwolf 5
    Bearbrown 7
    Eaglegiant 7
    Pegasus 7
    Unicorn 7 good
    Griffon 9
    Winterwolf 9 evil
    Megaraptor 11
    Direbear 13
    Hellcat 13 LE, LN or NE
    Dragonne 15
    Brass Dragon (Young Adult) 19 chaotic good
    Gold Dragon (Very Young) 19 lawful good
    Green Dragon (Juvenile) 19 lawful evil
    White Dragon (Young Adult) 19 chaotic evil
    Lammasu 19 good
    Vrock 19 CE, CN, or NE

    Mounts of at least int 8 will expect a full voice in party decisions and true dragon mounts will require half of any treasure you obtain.
    This list is for medium-sized Kheshigs. Other size lists are left as an exercise for the DM.

    For every two levels your class level exceeds that at which this mount became available to you, your mount gains one hit die (recalculate hp, bab, saves and skills but not size or age category), one point of natural armor and ten feet of speed to all movement modes.

    Regardless of level, you gain a +5 bonus to handle animal checks on your mount and no compulsion will turn your mount against you.

    shot on the run(ex): Gain this as a bonus feat. Ignore prerequisites. If you already have this feat, gain a feat of your choice for which you do meet the prerequisites.

    mount awareness(ex): When your bonded mount notices trouble, you are immediately aware of it provided you are in 30 ft. You do not know what or where the trouble is, though your mount can communicate this in a mundane way.

    point blank shot(ex): Gain this as a bonus feat. If you already have this feat, gain a feat of your choice for which you meet the prerequisites.

    share saves(su): Your bonded mount uses your saving throws or its own, whichever are higher.

    AC bonus(ex): For every 20 ft you moved on your most recent turn, you gain a +1 movement bonus to AC.

    flanking maneuver(ex): If your angular motion between the begining of your turn and firing with regard to the target is at least 90 degrees, your target is flat-footed.

    sudden strike(ex): as ninja

    greater shot on the run(ex): You may make a full attack and have your mount move its speed as a full-round action. You may release the arrows wherever you like along the movement.

    battle frenzy(ex): You may go into a ecstatic frenzy of violence. Starting a frenzy is a free action and the frenzy lasts at most a number of rounds equal to you con modifier. During a frenzy, you gain an extra attack (two attacks starting at 15th level) at your highest bonus in every full attack, but you take a -2 recklessness penalty to AC. Also, you cannot do anything you could not do while in rage, nor can you show mercy. At the end of a frenzy, you become fatigued.

    feigned retreat(ex): To make a feigned retreat, you must ride directly away from an enemy at your full speed. First, make a bluff check with a +10 circumstance bonus opposed by your enemy's sense motive. If yours is higher, he believes you are beaten and fleeing in terror. Then he must make a dc 20 will save or singlemindedly pursue you to finish you off. During his pursuit, he is flat-footed to everyone besides you.

    arrow's supremacy(su): Drawing on the faith generations of Kheshigs have held in the power of archery, you may use Dispel Magic as a cleric of your Kheshig level only to dispel Wind Wall or Protection from Arrows effects.

    bonus feat: Gain any bonus feat which either has Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite or is specific to a ranged weapon. You must meet the prerequisites.

    terrifying charge(ex): To make a terrifying charge, you must ride straight at an enemy at your full speed. Make an intimidate check at a +5 bonus as a free action. If you succeed, your enemy becomes shaken. If you succeed by 10 or more, your enemy becomes frightened. If you succeed by 20 or more, your enemy becomes panicked.

    overpowered shot(ex): You bend your bow to its very limits, sacrificing accuracy for power. Take a penalty on you attack role of up to your BAB, and add twice that to your damage.

    combined attack(su): When you use Greater Shot on the Run, your mount may also make a full attack spread across its motion. Furthermore, if your mount has both a bite attack and an available breath weapon or vocal attack, it may substitute the special attack for the bite.
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