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    I would simply change the wording a bit. "Wolves who blow up - win"

    Much like when neutrals have separate win conditions, wolves can have split win conditions. I mean, it is their job to die in this game.

    And more to the point, you can only win if you survive - definitely takes a precedence here. So the villagers using whatever means necessary to "diffuse" a bomb so they don't die is still a reasonable objective for them.

    This game is less about good side/bad side and more about the analysis.

    Another thought - perhaps "Wolves" as a group should be not considered. Maybe think of the roles like

    Suicide bomber - wolf trying to blow themselves up. Wins if they do. Starts game knowing assassin. Objective changes if Assassin is caught - then can only win with survival.
    Hostage bomber - villager strapped into a bomb, not wanting to get blown up. Kill target sent in by assassin. Has time limit to defuse self from being blown up.
    Unaware bomber - wolf who doesn't know he's a bomb - Pending on size of game, randomly placed in population. Scries as Suicide bomber, but has win objective of Hostage bomber. Assassin can activate timer at any time.

    Assassin/Mastermind - sole person responsible for placing bombs. Game over when they and suicide bombers are caught.

    The idea being that the wolves have a two part objective, pending on how game plays out. If the suicide bombers kill themselves, and the assassin is not caught, then the wolves win as they successfully accomplished their objectives. However, if the assassin is taken out, then the suicide bombers must try to survive in order to carry on the assassin's objective (for another game). So the timer that was helping the bomber's at the beginning now work against them if the assassin is caught.

    Just a few thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex-Kat View Post
    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Yeah, I thought about that. And you are correct, the Bombs and Assassin did a wonderful job. But I'd always wanted there to be one last chance for the good guys to find the Assassin.

    The problem is, for the Victims and Cops, most of them die not from being chosen to be killed, but randomly dying from an explosion.

    The Assassin silenced a S.W.A.T. and the Negotiator. One of the S.W.A.T. foolishly got himself lynched day 1 . And the remaining two were killed in the two explosions.
    Day 1 Lynch is day one lynch. *shrug* Glop happens. But if my death on day one gets people out of thinking that certain signs are "only stuff wolves would do" then I consider that a worthwhile loss.
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