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Thread: help with BBEG

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    Default help with BBEG

    hey guys Iím in the process of writing a 1-20 homebrew mod for my group. This game will probably start sometime in the summer of next year. i am basing my game of a band called rhapsody of fire. They are an Italian band and threw their songs they tell 2 different stories of mighty warriors and how they save the world. They have two different tales, one about a magical sword said to be able to destroy the world. This weapon is sought after by angels, demons and everything in between. this is known as the emerald sword saga. The second tale is about The Seven Black Books. These black books have the power to resurrect this powerful person known as nekron he will be the bbeg. the second saga is known as Dark Secret. i think i have a solid back story to the game, involving wee jas and norebo. wee jas has had a child and it has died. many demons and cultist try to worship the dead child god arrempting to make it "alive again" and give it power. obviously an Atropal would work here but i think that's would be to stereotypical of a final boss of a dead child god. so i was looking for some help. i am very open to everything.

    here are the two back stories if you want to read them

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    Default Re: help with BBEG

    I'd say that something like that probably should not be something from a sourcebook, but rather a 1-time creature. You probably want something undead with a low DvR, death-related salient abilities (if DvR>0) of course, and then either give him levels in an appropriate death-related class or an appropriate set of SLAs.

    Alternatively, have the child be Nerull.

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