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    Default [Legend] Shapeshifter Track

    An unofficial [Racial] track for Legend

    I don't have a good template for this, so I'll post it as is.

    Medium – [Shifter] Type
    HP: 8/Level Skills: 5/Level
    BAB: Good Saves: Fort & Ref - Good, Will - Poor
    Bluff Bonus: +1/Shapeshifter Circle
    Attribute: +2 Any one ability
    Racial Feats – Feign Death, Floating Feat, By Will Sustained
    KOM: Dex KDM: Cha

    1st- Choose one of the following:

    A) Lurker [Su] -
    You can assume the form of inanimate objects. With a full minute of uninterrupted concentration, your physical form shifts and becomes that of an object the same size category as your current form. Your statistics are unchanged and you may still take any actions you normally would, although wielding a weapon may be impossible. No casual observer can detect your altered state, but if given suspicion (Such as a random wooden cow near the body of the dead priest) any PC may spend a full round action and make a Perception check (DC: 10 + Your Bluff) to discern that an object is a Lurker. You may dismiss this ability with a move action.

    B) Infiltrator [Su] –
    You can shift your appearance to look like other living creatures. With a full minute of uninterrupted concentration your appearance changes to that of any creature your size or one category smaller. Partially illusion and partially transmutation, your statistics are unchanged regardless of the muscle mass or overall size of the new form. As most shifters travel naked they may grow and color their skin as clothing, but they may not grow fully new bone-structures or functional appendages. You may not dismiss this ability, although you may shift into a “default” form with another minute of concentration.

    2nd- Sticky Hands [Ex] –
    The shifter’s skin exudes a thin film of sticky substance that can cause weapons to become stuck. Once per [Round], as an immediate action, a shifter who is attacked with a manufactured weapon may take a disarm action with a +4 untyped bonus. If successful, the attacker is disarmed and the weapon ends up anywhere within 5ft of the shifter’s square. If the shifter is a form such as a crate or chest, this could place the weapon inside it.

    3rd- If it bleeds… [Ex] –
    The shifter gains Feign Death as a bonus feat, as well as [Fast Healing {Circle}]. If you already have Feign Death it now fools divinations up to 6th Circle. When struck, a shifter may now choose to not bleed or show any outward reaction to stimuli.

    4th- Your ability for this circle is based on your 1st circle decision.

    Lurker) Trapped Inside [Su] –
    The bonus to disarm from Sticky Hands becomes +6, and you may use it twice per round if you have the available actions. In addition, after successfully disarming an opponent you may force them to make a Reflex Save (10 + Bluff) or be sucked into an extra-planar space somewhere within you for 3 [Rounds]. Imprisoned creatures may take no actions, and may not be harmed further in any way until released. You may only store 1 creature at a time, but may spend a standard action to reset the number of [Rounds] imprisoned back to 3. This is a [Binding] effect.

    Infiltrator) Advanced Evolution [Ex] –
    You may now shift your form as a move action. This mastery allows you once per encounter to use an immediate action to assume the form of a foe you have just slain with a [melee] attack. A quick veil causes the dead body to look like your last form for the next 10 minutes. If you attack an opponent while disguised, they are considered [Flat-footed] as though you were [Invisible], but they quickly recover once your cover is blown.

    5th- Deep Cover [Ex] –
    Once per [Encounter] when targeted by a [Dispelling] of 6th circle or lower, you may choose to ignore this effect. The creator of the [Dispelling] is not inherently aware of the failure.

    6th- Perfect Form [Ex] –
    You moved all of your glowing weak points to one of your hairs and then removed it. You are immune to critical hits and take ½ damage from all [Precision] damage.

    7th- Infinite Variety [Ex] –
    At the beginning of each [Quest] you may trade out up to two non-[Racial] tracks for an equal number of non-[Racial] tracks. These choices revert when your quest ends and otherwise function as the Guild Initiation feat.

    Thoughts: I created this track for some NPCs in a Legend campaign that I began recently, so it wasn't originally intended for PCs. It aims to be primarily a utility track whose mobility comes from deception. Legend lacks any polymorph spells or rules, so some of the explanations are a bit wordy (and could use even more, but I restrained myself) with no general rules to point to.

    Comment away or suggest balancing points as perceived.
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