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    Default (3.5) Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Duh-huh! Duh-huh! Duh-huh! (ToB) (Specific Weapon) (PEACH)

    Club of the Moron

    This ordinary looking(it doesn't even look like a masterwork weapon) club is actually a club +1. It also causes 1 point of wisdom damage with each successful hit that inflicts even 1 point of damage (even non-lethal damage). The true power of this mighty tool of comedy is that the wielder may beat themselves over the head with it, inflicting no hit-point damage, but still dealing 1 point of wisdom damage to themselves per hit, to a cumulative maximum equal to their BAB. As long as the club remains continiously in their posession they increase their initiator level for determining the effects of falling anvil maneuvers(including stances) they initiate by one for each such point of wisdom damage they are currently incurring to a maximum initiator level of 20. They also gain a competence bonus of equal magnitude(but without a maximum) to all bluff checks made as part of a falling anvil maneuver or stance. Finally, any self-inflicted wisdom damage from this weapon never counts against anyone's wisdom score for the purposes of calculating the DCs of falling anvil maneuvers, in fact, anyone bearing this club while having at least 10 points of self-inflicted wisdom damage from it increases the DC of all falling anvil maneuvers by 1 point.

    Sidenote: The GM is STRONGLY encouraged to deny all benefits of the self-inflicted wisdom damage from this weapon to the character of any player who does not appropriately roleplay the reduced wisdom score.

    Moderate Enchantment; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, touch of idiocy, creator must know at least 3 maneuvers from the falling anvil discipline, at least one of which must be of at least 2nd level; Price 20,300 gp; Cost 10,300 gp + 800 XP.

    This is probably over-powered as it currently stands, especially in combination with Zany Mind, to handle those pesky will saves. Suggestions for how to balance it better while keeping the feel welcome.
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