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    Default Badass [Template, 3.5, PEACH] (Totaly not ripped off from Borderlands, no siree)



    Some things are big, and then some are powerful. Some things combine the two to make something utterly unstoppable.

    Creating a Badass

    "Badass" is an acquired template that can be added to any creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

    A Badass uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here:

    Size and Type:
    Type is unchanged in the case of a non-animal base creature. If the base creature is an animal or dire animal apply one of the elemental subtypes to the creature. Size is increased by one category.

    Hit Dice:
    All current and future Hit Dice are increased by one step (D4 becomes D6, D6 becomes D8, etc. D12 becomes D12 + 2.) Additionally, the Badass may apply 1.5X their constitution modifier to Hp. If the Base Creature uses a different ability score in place of constitution, for deriving extra Hit points, it may apply the bonus to that ability instead.

    Same as base creature. Except for animals with an elemental subtype.

    If the animal already has one of the following movement options, use the better one.

    Animals with the aquatic or water subtype gain a swim speed equal to their base land speed.

    Animals with the air subtype gain a fly speed (Perfect maneuverability) equal to twice their base land speed.

    Animals with the earth subtype gain a burrow speed equal to their base land speed.

    Armour Class:
    The Badass adds +5 to it's natural armour bonus. Base creatures without a natural armour bonus are treated as having, before the template is applied, a bonus of +0.

    The Badass retains all weapon proficiencies from the base creature.

    Special attacks:
    Same as base creature.

    Special qualities:
    A Badass gains DR/- 10. This DR is extraordinary.

    A Badass gains the following bonus to ability scores: +6 Strength, +6 Constitution

    A Badass gains a +4 bonus to intimidate. Otherwise, as base creature.

    Same as base creature.

    Challenge rating:
    Same as base creature + 4

    Level adjustment:
    Not suitable for PCs.
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