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    Default Help creating new Classes (3.5)

    I've been asked to create a few new classes for a game of mine and while I've been successful on most of them I'm starting to have very few idea's on what to do with the last 4. The campaign itself is a very low magic campaign for the most part, though that is only because of where the players are at the moment, the main enemy of their country and thus the players, are a Vampire nation that does possess magic, other then that it is very much a medieval style game with many steam punk elements such as black powder guns and simple granados, though nothing as reliable as a crossbow or sword usually. The players as is are all level 6, with one being a Homebrew class I already made called a Revolutionary(think of a bards inspire courage and Skirmish damage and leadership roles), a Rogue, and a Marshal (I think at least, it's from Tome of battle and uses the white raven stuff a lot), they are all human and will likely stay simply human, unless a class or story plot says otherwise.

    The classes I need are prestige, so only ten levels to them, but for the last four I only have a very baseline idea such as name and concept but I don't know what else to do with them, so any ideas based on thier names and descriptions would be helpful, you don't have to post an idea for all of them unless you have one for each.

    Fiend Hunter- Inspired slightly by the diablo 3 demon hunter, this class would be based around the idea of exiled templars who istead of using holy might to combat their vampiric or other enemies, ingest small amount of vampiric blood to gain temporary powers and traits of their enemies to use, this comes at a price of slowly tainting them closer to becoming the realy thing if they fall pray to it's call.
    Weapons- dual wielded crossbows or swords most likely, lightly armored and similar to a ranger type of look

    Warpriest(think it's already a class but can't think of a better name)- A cleric but with no 'magic' they use martial skill with weapons and firearms blessed by holy sources, such as a mace made from a holy relic or bullets made a silver or containing holy water. A kind of armored constantine figure that unlike to Repent-or-die templars, would be more down to earth in both mind and abilities, being not only able to fight with the best of soldiers but also protect them from the unknown, may have medical knowledge to aid in healing and sickness.
    Weapons- most likely wheel lock firearms(some of the most advanced we have, takes forever to reload though), maces and other martial weapons, and medium to heavy armor though no shield, possibly carrys a holy book with other attributes?

    Ironclad Charger- I'm not sure if there is a class based soley around charging, but thats what this ones idea is about. encased in a massive plate suit and bulldozing through hordes of enemies as they hack and slash things in two or just crush them under foot, something of a juggernaut feel though within balance, perhaps something like getting powerful build at level 10?
    weapons- big, heavy, and hard hitting, maybe a shield for extra trampling potential, though maybe not spiked for balance issues.

    Blacksun Ravager- A class for vampiric enemies and NPC's, this one would be focused into a lightly armored and highly mobile fighter that would use either illusions or similar to distract the enemy for them to swoop in (maybe literally as some have wings) and land a sneak attack, very little in the way of long term defense and all about getting out of attack range before moving back in to counter, though may have to make checks to at least give the players a chance, possibly a working vampire/monk idea, these guys also belong to a hyper religious group.
    weapons- light and fast, maybe even only focus on natural weapons.

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    Default Re: Help creating new Classes (3.5)

    you could refluff the warforged Juggernaut to be less warforged based. then the construct stuff would come on nicely.
    Avatar by Szilard, thank you sir for the fine work!

    my home brew. you should PEACH them...

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