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    Default Re-designing a fighter(server problem, please delete)

    Hello :)

    When I say ''fighter is boring'' you all say ''tome of battle''. Sure, ToB fighter is amazing, but he is more anime like and that is why I hate him(he barely fits any of my campaigns).

    So, I've been working on my P&P for 4 years now and I think it is time to focus a bit more on re-designing some core classes.

    Now, a fighter is a troublesome class. Most people dislike it because his abilities are very limited. He has a few skills and most of the time he just swings his weapon. This forces player to multiclass or prestige after a certain level to be able to keep up with other classes.

    While adding spells to fighter is not the best idea in the world and it can be achived by multiclassing, they are a great improvement to the class and they make it more fun to play.

    Instead of adding spells to my fighter, I decided to give him a new ability codename tactics.

    A tactic is a unique ability which a fighter gains at each odd level. Starting at 2nd level, a fighter can chose one out of many tactics listed in the book. Using these tactitcs is a standard action and they can be used con+3 times per day, although there will be a feat that will increase this number(example extra rage or extra wild shape).

    Here is an example of a tactic which can be attained at a higher level.

    By spending one tactic usage and as a standard action, the fighter becomes more resistant to spells and spell-like abilities that target him and requier a fortitude and will save. A fighter gains +2 bonus on fortitude and will save rolls against spell until the end of the round. If a fighter suceeds on the save, a spell that with an effect fort/will(half) is completely negated and a fighter ignores all consequences that he would normaly gain with a succesful saving throw against that spell.

    This is just one out of many examples. As you can see, the problem is that tactics take one standard action and usually last for the rest of the round, which makes a high dexterity score and improved initiative critical for a fighter. IMO it is not such a big deal and there will be other tactics which will have a longer duration.

    The tactics are made to fit any type of fighter one would like to play. This example was made for a mage slaying fighter, but there are also numerous others for fighting with a two-handed weapon, crowd control, defense, buff and even ranged combat.

    I hope you like it. Please, leave your comments.
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