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    Default Assorted Homebrew Items

    Just a collection of interesting items i think of of come across in my travels. Ill be adding things every now and again as time goes by.

    Bag of Sharing: Created in sets of four, each Bag of Sharing functions as a bag of Holding, but all four Bags of Sharing are linked to the same extradimensional space, meaning any item in any bag of sharing can be retrieved form another of the same set.

    Endless Drinking Skin: A regular wineskin containing one particular kind of Ale, Mead, Wine or other alcohol that replenishes every half hour, ready to drink. Various types exist for different drinks.

    Growing Blade: This magical dagger has an abnormally large hilt and a name on the blade. If you kill someone known by that name with the dagger it grows slightly and another (random) name appears. It grows and becomes more powerful with every three named people you slay with it. This continues until it reaches its full size and power as a Greatsword, which can then switch sizes between a Dagger, Shortsword, Longsword, Bastard Sword or Greatsword at any time. If you lose possession of the blade it shrinks by one step (one sword type) per week until it is a dagger again.

    Pet Bag: A small leather bag that makes loud eating sounds when coins are put inside it and closed. These coins disappear and are irretrievable. It then animates and speaks for a small time as in intelligent magic item. Whether what it says is useful, understandable or helpful depends on how much it was 'fed'. Over time it will express desire to eat certain magic items. If you feed it these items it slowly accumulates decent powers in both communication and divination, and remains animated for longer periods of time. However, if you treat it like a pet it will cease to say anything good/nice/useful and you will have to start over.

    Indestructible Ring: It is, not the wearer.

    Still beating heart: Functions regardless of whether it is in a chest or not. Variations for other organs also exist.

    Hand-in-a-box: A small regular looking box. When you open it a permanently animated hand immediately closes it again.

    Adventurers pot: As long as you put the right ingredients in, this pot heats itself and cooks a decent meal, taking ten on the check if need be.

    Magic Blindfold: You can see just like normal while wearing this blindfold.

    Goggles of Ubervision: User can see any epic-leveled character normally and in their true form.

    Truegrip strap: This magical leather strap wraps around your wrist and the handle, hilt or grip you are holding. Fastening or releasing this strap takes a swift action. Any time you would drop or lose your grip on the connected handle, hilt or grip it merely hangs loosely on the strap and can be wielded again as a swift action with no AoO. The strap can be broken with a sunder attempt.

    Magic Earring: can use prestidigitation 3/day. Also comes in variations of other piercing jewelry.

    Boots of the Entrepreneurial Adventurer: These boots allow the wearer to hover 2 ft off the ground at will, and grant a +1 bonus to dodge AC and Reflex saves. They also grant +5ft movement speed when hovering and cannot trigger pressure based traps via stepping on them. These boots do not protect against falling.

    Grappling Rope: This otherwise normal hemp rope will attempt to attach to anything the correct end is thrown at, with a grapple bonus of +10 instead of the users'. If grappling a solid, unmovable object it can be climbed safely. If grappling a creature, the user counts as grappling that creature using the ropes grapple check and can optionally pull the grappled target 10ft towards him with a successful opposed strength check.

    Cursed Items:
    Ring of Dubious Forgery:
    Benefit: This ring can make any single piece of text written by the wearer perfectly valid, authentic and believable, but this enchantment only works once. The ring contains 5 charges.
    Curse: The wearer writes backwards when using this magical effect to write his piece of text. Thus, the text will appear normal and will work as described, but will revert to its real backwards state once first read by anyone other than the wearer of the ring. Both the wearer and the first reader always see the text as normal.
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